The nine 'GOD Speaks...' Book specific websites of the Soft cover Paper Print series

My Soft Cover Print Books, each 'A Part of The End-time Psalms of God' Series

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The Nine Book 'GOD Speaks ...' websites of the Soft Cover Print Series


Book 1 God Speaks of His Return Introduces His Banner
Book 2 God Speaks in His Scrolls on the Website of The Lord
Book 3 God Speaks by His Spirit To the Coming Storm
Book 4 God Speaks to His End-time Calls for Man
Book 5 Unoperational GOD Speaks on His Eternity with Letters from The Son
Book 6 God Speaks for His Bride via The Clouds of Conquest
Book 7 God Speaks as His Presence Unto The Edifice of God
Book 8 God Speaks ex His Heart to Life within His Garden

Two items follow:

My Letters From The Son (Bk 5)


     The Lord,

           see man from afar,

           see man from closeup,

           see man as he wishes,

           see man as he is.


    The Lord,

          of his creation,

                know man very well –

                      both in his failings and in his successes;

                      both in his sliding down the slippery slope of Satan and in his reaching for the stars of God;

                      both in the worship of his gods and in the devotion to his God.


    The Lord,

          am not surprised by man –

                      either in the depths of his iniquities or in the heights of his altruism.


    The Lord,

          commend man for his faith,

          rebuke man for his carnality;

          encourage man to walk the road of discipleship,

          discourage man who would follow the enticements of Satan;

          extend My hand in fellowship,

          withdraw My hand upon refusal.


    The Lord,

          would rather willingly honour the freewill of man,

          than being entailed to proceed in respect of that freewill.


    The Lord,

          dictate this letter to all those upon the earth,

                      My book of My eternity,

                      My book of My disclosures,

                      My book of My encouragements:

                                                        with an invitation born of grace –

                             for the acceptance by man in these days of dwindling freedom;

                                                        in these days of increasing distancing as the secular attempts to frustrate the plans of God.


    The Lord,

          offer a life of understanding,

          offer a life as promised,

          offer a life of no regrets,

          offer a life of close companionship,

          offer a life of an enduring relationship,

          offer a life with integrity of purpose in the walk with truth.


    The Lord,

          know the present from the past,

          know the future from the present,

          know the thoughts and will of man,

          know the granting of man’s freewill which brings recrimination upon the head of God:

                                                                                                when man would move the responsibility from his own.


    The Lord,

          can read the heart of man for intent –

                    as it comes before me as an open book.


    The Lord,

          can purchase and redeem,

          can locate and salve,

          can offer and uphold.


    The Lord,

          can mend and heal,

          can guide and teach,

          can disciple and instruct.


    The Lord,

          can speak and be heard,

          can issue and confirm,

          can call and task:

                           from the sanctum of God –

                           from the temple of My Spirit,

                           from within the glove of the spirit and the soul –

                                                                                    the confines of My saints.


    The Lord,

          speak a welcome to man with a willing spirit:

                           yet adrift within the wilderness of the secular;

                           yet lost within the jungles of the cities;

                           yet distraught within the fields of temptation on the plains which border the deserts of despair.


    The Lord,

          offer living water to the thirsty,

          offer victory to the fallen,

          offer credence to the liars,

          offer restitution to the thieves,

          offer new life to the squanderers.


    The Lord,

          offer grace to all who stand in conviction of My Spirit,

                                      who desire to make all well.


    The Lord,

          present this,

                  My book of letters:

                         to the silenced spirit,

                         to the broken soul,

                         to the captured body –

                                that freedom may break forth as the leaves in spring,

                                      to blossom with the sun in the unending days of summer –

                                                         with the slaking of the thirst –

                                                         with the restoring of the body soul and spirit.”


The Beauty of My End-time Books (Bk 6)

“The beauty of My end-time books is in their speaking of the future of man,

                                                         is in drawing the future into the present for the understanding of man,

                                                         is that they refute the possibility of denial of the future circumstances when such become the present,

                                                         is that they prevent the prospects of a lack of a decision becoming a future threat to life,

                                                         is that they are a reminder which is both timely and succinct,

                                                         is that they lay the fare of Heaven before the multitudes to assess within freewill.

The beauty of My end-time books is that they are emanating directly from the will of The Living God:

                                                                                                              declaring My end-time banner upon the Earth,

                                                                                                              declaring the scope of the end-time scrolls,

                                                                                                              declaring the end-time troubling of man,

                                                                                                              declaring the end-time calls from The Loving God,

                                                                                                              declaring the end-time reality of God,

                                                                                                              declaring the prospects for The Bride in waiting,

                                                                                                              declaring the expectations for My coming Kingdom rule.

The beauty of My end-time books is in their speaking in the present truth,

                                                                                           the end-time counselling of God,

                                                                                           the increasing activity of My Holy Spirit,

                                                                                           the knowledge for the end-time presently unfolding,

                                                                                           the wisdom of discernment in coping with the need,

                                                                                           the urgency of the tasks both near and far at hand,

                                                                                           the taskings of My willing servants as they store their treasures.

The beauty of My end-time books is as the handbooks specifically created for:

                                                                                     the here and now of man,

                                                                                     the means whereby man may avoid the coming suffering and death;

                                                                                     the loneliness of unremitting solitude;

                                                                                     succumbing to a judgment which so easily is avoided.

The beauty of My end-time books is in their emphasis on the availability of the gift of Grace,

                                                                                             the cleaning out of sin,

                                                                                             the significance of the sacrifice of The Son,

                                                                                             the ease of attaining individual salvation,

                                                                                             the reconciliation of man with God,

                                                                                             the simplicity of establishing a relationship with God,

                                                                                             the participation in the inheritance of The Son.

The beauty of My end-time books are the many truth statements to be found therein,

                                                              the many aspects of counselling from My Spirit to the multitudes of man,

                                                                                                                       to My bride at large,

                                                                                                                 to those presently committed to a lack of sanctity,

                                                                                                                 to an unawareness of the ticking of a clock –

                                                                                      that which entails man in a countdown from mortality into eternity.

The beauty of My end-time books is that they encourage decision-making while it is today,

                                                                  they foresee an end to time when the default comes into play,

                                                                  they have affirmation of their integrity –

                                                                                by My Spirit as He accompanies each reading of My end-time word.

The beauty of My end-time books is confirmed to those who can count with understanding,

                                                                                          who can read the signs of God,

                                                                                          who have the wisdom to evaluate the formatting of the Heavens.

The beauty of My end-time books is in the stability of dictation,

                                                               the accuracy of the scribe, 

                                                               the oversight of God.

The beauty of My end-time books is end-time revelation for the benefit of the multitudes,

                                                                                            for the wisdom of My bride,

                                                                                            for the foreknowledge of the angels,

                                                                                            for the setting of the scene of the second advent on the Earth.”


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