Book 4 'GOD Speaks to Man
                     in the End-time'
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Book 4 frontcover 112x173 200dpi

Book 4 'GOD Speaks to Man in the End-time'

                             Book 4
                                      GOD Speaks to Man in the End-time

                                             On that which has been long designed to benefit man:

to extend The Call of God for the freBook 4 frontcover 112x173 200dpiewill of man;

to reach out into the loving heart of man,
to set in place lasting friendships:
for the immortality of man.
And so are the calls emphasized for man,
brought forthwith to his attention,
demanding nothing in return –
except that born of agapé:
  the lay-out on the cross.


Helix Themes – Story DNA from  Book 4


Line Comments

Life / Death / Spirituality / Fate
Gods & Goddesses / Mortals / Heroes
History / Academics / Culture
Military Campaign / Siege / Historic Combat
Parent Hood / Child Rearing
Science / Technology / Astronomy
Church Services / Religious Worship
Marriage / Weddings / Engagement
History / Academics / Culture
Study of Nature
Economics / Investment / Financial
Government / Social Discourse / Revolution
Catholic Institution / Religious Hierarchy
Romance / Caress / Passion
Strategic Planning / Conflict Management

Series 'High'. It has twice as many as you would normally expect to have.
2nd lowest of the 6 books with this theme.
2nd highest level by about 15% more than the 2 lower ones.

2nd highest level by about 50% more than the 5 lower ones.


Helix Keywords
wisdom surround teardrop intent man mortality wise baton freewill presence supremacy uplift wherewithal fullness fore spirit advent whitebait affliction god multitude promise deceit soul fall receptiveness revival earth need vacancy investiture commerce

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