Understand the Message of The Lord Jesus in Clear Terms to Attain Spiritual Riches

     Every person has been bestowed with the gifts of natural imagination, freewill agency and a self-awareness through which he or she can be the architect of his or her destiny. When one understands the immutable laws of nature and uses these laws to attain riches and all positive things in life with the right means then one is bound to succeed eventually in the physical sense yet still often fail in the spiritual sense. All inanimate and animate objects on this planet are governed by universal principles which manifest themselves in various causes and events whether from external or internal forces. Our religion moulds our faith and should give us spiritual strength to face the many situations in life not resulting from our own foolhardiness. The in-depth understanding of the role of religion, and the importance of valuing human lives, should inspire us to follow an obedient and noble path in life and not see it strewn with regrets.

     The quality of our lives depends on our decisions and our habits as we build our character. This is mainly determined by our knowledge, attitude, faith and freewill actions. Faith can move mountains – those which block the development of a life. Faith which dwells within a righteous heart, wisdom which is sought from God, abilities enhanced through learning, capabilities demonstrated with self-assurance: these are the stepping stones from God blending for success in life. When we examine carefully The Bible and the sermons, together with the lives of the saints, from bygone days it is only then that we realise the infinite power in the form of knowledge, imagination, freewill and self-assurance which have all been gifted to us by The Loving God. All this in order we may attain the desires of our hearts when we follow Jesus earnestly in righteousness and perseverance until our goals are reached and our race in life is won as we are welcomed home.

     It is commonly said, especially by those who do not know The God of Christians, that all religions are only different paths to reach the Almighty or God and attain salvation. This is not true in the Christian sense which teaches there is only one way to God, through Jesus His Son, with its single cycle of birth into mortality, of the second birth from baptism, of death of the body ending mortality and of the third biirth from the grave for renewal of the body, soul, and spirit where freewill will be accountable and either honoured or respected. Lord Jesus, who is the embodiment of all that is good, kind and merciful, inspires us through his messages and sermons to encourage us to be prepared for the endtime signs of the world: living our lives in such a way that we have no self-recriminations prior to our deaths nor suffer undue mayhem in the coming tribulation with the falling of the storm of God.

     The Website of The Lord is a unique site which has been designed and developed to spread the message of The Lord and to ensure all are well aware of end time revelations. The site contains divine messages of the Lord which are connected as commentaries to three books - ‘Book of Daniel’, ‘Book of Revelation’ and ‘Book of Ezekiel.’ So, thereby the site makes for intriguing and interesting reading, proving to be quite enlightening in knowledge and inspiring in actions. So make it a point, at an early date, to visit the site for more information and services; so placing your feet with certainty on the road to life under the guidance and wisdom contained therein.


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