Lead an Honest, Truthful and Accountable Life to Experience Real Happiness and Fulfilment

     Thoughts and ideas have tremendous power. They can change and build empires. As a fully matured oak tree is hidden in an acorn seed, so does a complete outline of a personality lay hidden in thoughts, beliefs and attitudes. It is one’s thoughts and beliefs in action which differentiate between success or not in the real world of life. Life is full of possibilities. Our thoughts, beliefs and actions in exercise of our freewill are important factors which are going to determine the present and the future course of our lives. Our character is the sum total of the outworking of our habits, beliefs and practices.

     The path leading to prosperity, whether a material or spiritual one, is full of obstacles that must be overcome by a person determined to succeed. Life places before us constant challenges which test our strength of character. Whether we succumb to them in acceptance of defeat, or push on with the goal still to the fore, depends both on our temperament and maturity. Lives of all great achievers, whatever their chosen field of endeavour, reflect a certain vision or mission which was always clung to through the difficulties until success was theirs.

     We should be grateful to God that He has given us such a wonderful life and has bestowed on us His Blessings and innumerable gifts within His favour. Our religion teaches us to appreciate the value and the dignity implicit in every human life. As one understands the route to eternal life in the presence of The Loving God, so life achieves completeness of fulfilment with a faith such that death holds no fear; for the grave no longer marks oblivion but the doorway to resurrection as promised by The Son. When we commit our lives in mortality to the path of righteousness and faith in Jesus, resolving to be true to our soul under the captaincy of our spirit, then we can experience a life full of gifts, wonders and miracles under the opened windows of heaven.

     As each leaf falls to the ground so the branches of the tree are lifted, one leaf at a time – in preparation for new growth into maturity. So it is with teachings, lessons and sermons as they lift the body soul and spirit into a state of righteousness with a destiny of welcoming into the eternal reunion of The Family of God.
When true repentance, from that which now brings shame, convicts the spirit, The Lord offers grace with forgiveness and the faith to overcome the sins so changing each life. When there is a thirst to know both the promises and the inheritance of God, The Christian Bible can prove to be the best 'spiritual friend'. Ongoing spiritual growth is a part of discipleship. The promises made to the sheep of The Good Shepherd are astounding and well worth the discovering. You can understand the importance of the messages and divine commentaries of our Lord Jesus as you go through the Scrolls and Morsels as per your own needs, preferences and speed. This will help you see progress in your life and changes for the better which may well inspire others to follow suit as well. We would love to meet you at The Lord's Blorum at  www.thewebsiteofthelord.org.nz

     'Foolish is he who commits without understanding. Foolish is he who understands without committing. Foolish is he who follows many gods. Foolish is he who mingles the jealous God with others.
     Wise is he who seeks the family of God.'


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