Following The Eternal Truth of The Lord's Messages in Righteous Faith and Understanding

     It is very important to understand that nothing in nature occurs randomly or without a cause. Although the cause of an incident or event may not be apparent or may be beyond the understanding of human nature, each and every event finds its roots in a universal changeless principle of nature which may well be the underlying cause. We observe that each natural process such as the rising and setting of the sun, the occurrence of seasons, the life and death of all living organisms and such other processes occur within a predefined set of rules and parameters. Men have been on this quest of discovering these natural laws and causes and have progressed a considerable distance along this path.

     However, many secrets and mysteries of both our environment and the universe are still beyond the realms of human knowledge, perception and understanding. Whether we talk about the existence of God or of a soul or we attempt to measure the power of a human mind, most of these can not be quantified in a scientific lab. This supplies many errors in the reasoning for atheists to negate the existence of God or of a Soul. Still the earnest and enduring faith on the existence of a supreme being – The God of Abraham - can bring miracles to the fore in one’s life and counselling to convert a body into a temple so to be indwelt by The Spirit of The Living God as righteousness prevails.

     It is a common saying that Faith can move mountains. As Jesus said “if you have faith like a grain of mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move, and nothing will be impossible for you.” Thus the power of faith can be well determined from His sayings. The story of 5000 years of human civilisation has been marred by the tragic losses stemming from two world wars last century and countless sagas of wars and battles which have both preceded them down through the centuries and followed on into this one as the powerful ultimate weapons of kings and potentates used for extending their rule and dominance. Men, in their quest for power and glory, have failed to take heed of the importance of the Holy Scriptures of The Bible and have also failed to inculcate the associated virtues and values which make the righteous human soul so valuable and praiseworthy to God.

     In the present world of ruling chaos and anarchy, when human lives seem to be consummated with endless sorrows and difficulties, only the true messages from The Lord Jesus can help us discover the eternal human values and virtues which interest God. The messages of The Lord Jesus which underscore the importance of love, forgiveness and grace inspire all human beings to lead an honest, truthful and righteous life. For what we sow, we also reap. Human beings have been endowed with the Divine gift of Freewill whose decision power can be tapped: to make or mar the future; to reap glory or ignominy in lives. The Website of The Lord can enable you to understand the messages of The Lord in a very comprehensive manner; inspiring you to make changes in your life in order to obtain your desired and informed goals and the level of success, peace and prosperity. For the riches of the soul also gathered, as recorded by The Holy Spirit, will then be waiting in safe keeping beyond the grave.


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