Follow a Righteous Path in a Life of Willing Servanthood to God

     At least since the dawn of recorded history man has been chasing the elixir of life which would render him to be immortal and all powerful. However finding the elixir has escaped his grasp and understanding, yet still he seeks that which wisdom declares is already freely available from God. Human beings have been gifted by God with the incredible power both to think and to imagine. These capabilities have rendered him to become the most powerful life form on the earth. Notwithstanding, and however many secrets of nature still remain to be discovered, we still find ourselves, at times, completely helpless in the wake of natural disasters such as floods, tsunamis and earthquakes.

     It is an often quoted adage that 'Thoughts reigns supreme'. Ideas have tremendous power which can ignite the minds of millions thereby bringing about remarkable discoveries or inventions for the welfare of human beings. There is no denying the fact that our lives are governed by the universal principles and laws of nature which guide and bind our lives. God, the supreme authority creating, monitoring and controlling all the internal and external processes of nature is our God of love in which resides all power, beauty, might and majesty.

     Most religions of man would inculcate in us the best of human values and qualities, thus bringing out in us a better way of life. When we believe in the supreme power of the Almighty God Himself, thereby committing ourselves to His righteous path, then no power in this world can stop us from reaching our chosen destiny: with the setting of our life to be truly inspirational to the coming generations.

     There are many books of differing religions, being regarded by man as holy, that eulogise the virtues of lordship and so would inspire people to lead an honest, truthful and virtuous life. The Bible, the sacred scriptures of Christianity, records the teachings of the Old Testament prophets and the New Testament revelations of Jesus as The Son of God: inspiring mankind to act or treat each other in a similar manner as they, themselves, would want to be treated. If you are a real life Christian, obedient as a willing servant in spreading the message of The Lord Jesus to others and in bringing a part of your finances, by way of tithes and offerings, before The Lord so His storehouses may be filled: then you are well on your way in your walk of discipleship in the footsteps of The Lord.

     The Website of The Lord has been designed in a unique way which initially took about seven months of continuing effort prior to its launch. This site consists of the divine messages of The Lord; some of which are based on three Biblical books- ‘The Book of Daniel’, ‘The Book of Revelation’ and ‘The Book of Ezekiel’. These, The Lord's related commentaries, are intended to provide inspiration from the words of The Lord Jesus with their guidance and their counsel for the end time prophecies. The site is also supported by a Christian charitable organisation working for the welfare of the distressed and the seeking. People of means may assist others by making donations to help their fellow countrymen or, indeed, those on whom their attention rests. Make it a point to visit the site for more information and services and follow the discipleship path through the site as it opens up before you.


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