Experience True Contentment in Life with Devoted Understanding of The Lord's Messages

     Man is mortal and life is sometimes foreshortened and thereby limiting for grace. It is not true that birth in the form of human beings is as a result of our virtues and noble actions done in the past; nor is it true that such is a 'blessing gesture' is based on the recycling of man by the Almighty God of The Bible. Such is the teachings of those who would attempt to bring their idol worship up tp equality with The God of the Jews and of The Gentiles. Considering the invaluable importance and preciousness of human lives, it is very important to make our lives meaningful and inspirational such that we establish companionship with God and experience the time of preparation for an ongoing journey into eternity in the presence of the supremacy of The God of The Bible. So the supreme question we should all be prepared for, and answering by our lives, is as to how we can establish a loving rapport with God and so grow in closeness of fellowship to The Living God? This is not difficult for The living God has prepared the way and His will is that every soul should be adopted into, and so belong to, the family of God.

     Biblical saints and prophets have time and again exhorted us to adopt a righteous way of living and to follow a path that is in the best interests of every soul at risk. This is by being within the will of God. Striving with good deeds DOES NOT lead man to God – it only leads to man boasting in his own pride in all he thinks he has achieved. The only way to God is the heart's commitment  to the free and undeserved grace of Jesus, in humbleness and repentance, as via the gateway of reconciliation leading to The Cross.


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