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     All natural creatures of creation are subject to following the immutable law of nature concerning the transience of life. The universal truth, which is the same for one and all, always triumphs in the absence of God. Whether it is the law of cause and effect or the law of birth and death, nature takes its course under the guiding hand of God and natural laws are bound to be prevalent in the dimensions of nature. Whatever has been constructed or created on this earth will have to one day crumble in decay. This is an experiential truth with all animate and inanimate objects being subject to this within the will of God.

     The closer Death approaches, which is an unenviable truth for those who are not followers of Jesus, the greater the emphasis on the preciousness and value of each life. This especially so once outside the womb. When we realise that we have come on this earth for a limited period of mortality and our lives are going to end one day then we become more concerned at what lies beyond the grave or the flames of cremation or the burial in the sky.

     Religions of man teach us to follow variants of a virtuous and a righteous path which is to inculcate humane values in followers such that they could realise their 'divine' powers and attain the 'salvation' which renders one free from the cycle of birth, death and rebirth. This is not so with the followers of Jesus who have faith in a single death within mortality (Hebrews 9:27) 'And as it is appointed for men to die once, but after this the judgement.' When one commits oneself to Jesus, as the architect of one’s promised destiny and so live one’s life in honouring Him, then all is well with your soul, your body and your spirit.

     The Lord Jesus came to fulfil the Old Testament law as The Messiah, The Christ, The I AM, The Son of God. He died for all our sins and rose again. His ministering, spiritual discourses and activities within the field of miracles testify of who He was, and is, and forever shall be: as recorded within the testimonies of witnesses in the Bible's New Testament. His disciples accept Jesus as the Christ and believe that through His death and resurrection, His followers can be reconciled to God: to be thereby recipients both of salvation and the promise of eternal life. The record of the New Testament speaks across the centuries of how and why Jesus chose to suffer on The Cross at Calvary: in full obedience to the tasking of the Eternal Father. He who sacrificed His only son as the only means of reconciling man again to God.

     The news of the End Time prior to His return is gaining more prominence by the day. You might have already heard about this as The Tribulation - a short time of a few years of imminent danger to those not known to God and still found within their sin. However, The Lord Jesus assures His people that they should not fear and to take precautions for their safety. Whenever and wherever such calamities or catastrophes strike in storms and bloodshed God will place a hedge of protection around the obedient and faithful. The Website of The Lord is one of the very few websites that imparts the much needed spiritual knowledge as this time approaches within its season. Read or download here, in the 2nd edition, the 73 end-time scrolls and also search the site for 'storm' and 'storming'.


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