Seeking Righteous Spiritual Growth for God's Riches and Blessings to Flow

    Human beings are the most wonderful and intelligent living creations on Earth - having been created in the likeness of God. Many Christian intellectuals, saints and prophets have spoken on human life within mortality as being a time of preparation under discipleship for enabling a return into God's presence. For God decrees man's righteous exercise of his freewill together with a faith commitment to follow Jesus The Christ with a contrite and humble heart yearning for the grace freely available from the cross is sufficient for his reconciliation to his Loving God. In fact, for the Christian believer, God dwells as His Holy Spirit within the heart and spirit of each and every person wherefrom He offers counsel to the spirit of man to become the captain of his soul. As everyone is borne in the image of God so we should accord the innate value and worth attributed to every person's soul by God: for each has an intrinsic worth in the sight of God.

     So we see the quality of a person’s life is in direct proportion to his or her commitment to excellence and what better way to be guided other than by the pure spiritual messages of God. If you are a Christian you might have read a part of The Bible. This holy book of Christians lays down important principles and commandments which every person ought to follow in order to lead an honest and worthy life. This, as a significant part of the Christian life, can help them realise the mortal rewards of walking in the daily favour of God and so enrich their lives. It is often said that an ounce of practice is worth more than a pound of theory. Very often, it seems, we often find ourselves reluctant to follow the wisdom of the Holy Scriptures within The Bible. This may possibly be due to our laziness; ignorance of the importance of the same; an apparent lack of faith in ourselves and in God; or a proclivity to follow our natural tendencies and habitual behaviours.

     If we want to gain spiritual knowledge or understand our Lord’s messages then there are a number of sites which can help us in realising these objectives. These sites often act as reservoirs of Christian spiritual knowledge and can help us understand the messages of The Lord Jesus in an easy language in the most trouble free way. The Website of The Lord is a unique site which spreads the messages of The Lord Jesus to the curious and other devotees. With a wealth of knowledge and information the site can inspire you: to change your thoughts and deeds; to experience an enriching and fulfilling life. In the present materialistic world all our efforts and endeavours are aimed at attaining materialistic growth and progress. The need and importance of harmonious spiritual growth has never been more acutely needed than as of now. This lop-sided materialistic growth of human beings has been one of the major causes for endless tales of sorrows, difficulties and mishaps; for only true spiritual growth can bring much needed peace and harmony to one’s life and, indeed, to the whole world.


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