Experience a More Fulfilling and Rewarding Life Through Following The Lord's Messages

     Death is the most inevitable occurrence which gives emphasis to life. One wonders what happens after death; but death, being the ending of life, has a great meaning hidden behind it. It can simply mean that all good and great things which have been produced or created on this earth must die or perish one day. Each and every living organism has been attributed a fixed period of life in which the organism is supposed to live and reproduce for the continuance of the particular species. Human beings, which are said to be the finest creation of God, have each been given an invaluable life in which to enjoy all the pleasant things which this life and nature have to offer and to thereby make one’s life truly meaningful which will, in totality, contribute to the establishing of an ideal society.

     It can therefore be deduced that it is the prime responsibility of every person to make this world a better place to live in: to serve his or her brethren and to lead a virtuous and meaningful life such that he or she can depart from this world with joy and contentment. The Bible and discourses of great saints, men of God and prophets inspire us to lead a simple life with complete detachment from worldly possessions and with hearts filled with love and affection. God has given us this wonderful gift of life not to spend it meaninglessly in trivial pursuits of material wealth and pleasure which are all but transient and momentary. Rather we should seek for greater heights in making spiritual progress such that we become both a friend and a child of God so to be adopted into His family, and into His presence after death. God loves His children, both young and old, and wants that all His children should live in complete peace and harmony with love and cooperation and the whole world be as like The Kingdom of Heaven itself.

     When one has strong faith in the God of Abraham, The Messiah and The Holy Spirit, with all which that implies, and one experiences the presence of God continuously in one’s heart, then it becomes the daily objective not to commit any sin or crime by or within the body, soul, or spirit. Such a person, spending daily time with God, and reflecting on what he is learning and discovering, can experience the wonders of creation here on the earth itself and his life could be hailed as a milestone in the inspiring of others.  If you want to understand the importance of freewill and also know more about the end times bible prophecy then The Website of The Lord can be the best source for you. The Website of The Lord has been uniquely formatted which contains the divine commentaries from three books: The Book of Daniel, The Book of Revelation and the Book of Ezekiel. The site also reveals knowledge about the second coming of The Lord Jesus and assists online visitors to go through the scrolls and morsels as received from The Lord.

     With the messages of The Lord and His commentaries transcribed from the Biblical perspective  the site also facilitates those of a mind to offer financial contributions to The Advent Charitable Trust which is based in New Zealand.


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