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The Glory of God (6.3.10)


      The Lord,

           speak to the peoples of the earth of the Glory of God –

                                                      The God they may not know –

                                                      The God they may wish to know –

                                                      The God they may already know –

                                                      The God they ought to know –

                                                      The God they despise to know –

                                                                          The God that awaits their love.


      The Lord,

           call for the attention of all mankind to listen to,

                                                                     to read,

                                                                     to acquire,

                                the sources of knowledge of The God of love.


      The Lord,

          say beware of false religions

                      created through dissension,

                      which do not honour truth,

                      which call for vengeance by man on man,

                      which have a history of iniquity,

                      where The Spirit is not present,

                      where there is no reconciliation,

                      where the works of man prevail,

                      where the teaching of morality is flawed,

                      where men and women are not honoured equally,

                      where children are but slaves,

                      where there is regeneration as some aspect of creation –

                                which are taught in darkness,

                                which are fraught with danger,

                                which are bought by those with souls that are thereby endangered.

                Woe to those who teach,

                                      who impose,

                                      who enforce such doctrines:

                                                            for the wrath of God will place them.


     The Lord,

          created man and gifted him with his freewill,

                have not coerced him,

                have not swindled him,

                have not lied to him,

          have neither changed nor edited My Word that speaks of My relationship with the Love of My life.

For his sake I,

                have entered into covenants,

                have and do and will honour for ever the words of My mouth,

                                                                                             of My prophets whom I keep close to My heart.


     The Lord,


                to the peoples of the earth,

                      beware of those who tender codicils:

                                  to aspects of behaviour,

                                  to change their teachings,

                                  to modify mistakes,

                                  to edit the records of the past,

                                  to circumvent a scrutiny of what has gone before.

                      Such as they are not committed to the truth,

                                  perceive man’s freewill as an obstacle in their domains,

                                  forsake integrity in the heat of battle,

                                  bend the books said to be holy into a twisted knot of lies.

                      For such as they shy from the light into the darkness.


     The Lord,

          say the Glory of God resides within His magnificence and might,

                                                                    His power and His authority,

                                                                    His love and His forgiveness,

                                                                    His incarnation and His advent,

                                                                    His mercy and His presence,

                                                                    His covenants and promises:

                      all that will be bestowed by The Son upon His Father’s flock.


     The Lord,

          have witnesses unto death who testified of Me –

                                                    The Martyrs of The Crown.


     The Lord,

          have testimonies,

                uncountable by man,

                      who offer evidence of My visitation to their lives –

                                                    The Healed of The Spirit.


     The Lord,

          have prayers of multitudes who will testify if called –

                                                    The Provisioned of The Lord.


     The Lord,

          know such as these challenge the gods of man where The Spirit does not reign and silence begs the question:

                            Where is the God with power,

                                                         with impact,

                                                             and with love?


     The Lord,

          say I AM.


     The Lord,

          speak to the peoples of the earth on which I walked,

                                                              on which I died,

                                                              on which I rose to life.


     The Lord,

          speak to the peoples of the earth to which I will return,

                                                              for which there is a promise,

                                                              on which I will rule.


     The Lord Jesus,

          The Messiah,

                speak to the peoples of the earth reserved as the Kingdom of the King of kings,

                                                                    reserved for The Standard of The King,

                                                                    reserved to The Banner of authority that denotes possession.”


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