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The Divine Commentary on The Book of Revelation - Ch 15 (28.1.11)

Rev 15:1 Then I saw another sign in heaven, great and marvellous: seven angels having the seven last plagues, for in them the wrath of God is complete.

Divine Commentary –

“As in My book –

‘As it is written so it was seen by My beloved. 

           The angels carry the last plagues. 

           The angels move with care. 

           The angels form a circle round the throne. 

           The angels guard their plagues. 

           The angels process. 

           The angels worship. 

           The angels prepare to leave the throne-room of God, 

                       each angel with a plague.

As it was witnessed, 

         so will it appear; 

     for the wrath of God soon blends within each bowl.’ ”

Rev 15:2 And I saw something like a sea of glass mingled with fire, and those who have the victory over the beast, over his image and over his mark and over the number of his name, standing on the sea of glass, having harps of God.

Divine Commentary –

“So John sees the purity of the divinity of God intermingled with the refining fire, 

                   together with those who overcome the beast – 

                                                                                         Satan at large upon the earth, 

                                                          overcome his image of worldly wealth, 

                                                          overcome the imprint of his mark, 

                                                    and overcome by calculation the number of his name, 

                               being upheld by the divinity of God and holding His harps – 

                                                                                                         those handed to them by God.”

Rev 15:3 They sing the song of Moses, the servant of God, and the song of the Lamb, saying: "Great and marvellous are Your works, Lord God Almighty! Just and true are Your ways, O King of the saints!

Divine Commentary –

“Such as these are the overcomers, 

               being fully aware of exactly what and how they have overcome. 

                           So they delight in singing The Anthem of The Lamb, 

                                                                      The Anthem of The Kingdom, 

                                                                      The Anthem of The King.”

Rev 15:4 Who shall not fear You, O Lord, and glorify Your name? For You alone are holy. For all nations shall come and worship before You, For Your judgments have been manifested."

Divine Commentary –

“So this anthem resounds around the earth and in the heavens, 

                           is heard in all pockets of humanity, 

                           is present at the courts of justice, 

                           is heralded before the throne of God, 

                           is proclaimed in the face of Satan, 

                           is sounded within the unity of an everlasting kingdom.”

Rev 15:5 After these things I looked, and behold, the temple of the tabernacle of the testimony in heaven was opened.

Divine Commentary –

“Then John looks and sees the throne room of God standing open.”

Rev 15:6 And out of the temple came the seven angels having the seven plagues, clothed in pure bright linen, and having their chests girded with golden bands.

Divine Commentary –

“So from the throne room come the seven semblances of The Holy Spirit having the seven plaques, 

               clothed in brightness of purity, 

                           with golden bands encircling their chests in absolute completeness without end.”

Rev 15:7 Then one of the four living creatures gave to the seven angels seven golden bowls full of the wrath of God who lives forever and ever.

Divine Commentary –

“Then one of the sentinels gives to each of the seven angels the golden bowl, 

               so reserved, 

                           for that semblance of The Holy Spirit. 

  So is the wrath of God charged for delivery from within each bowl.”

Rev 15:8 The temple was filled with smoke from the glory of God and from His power, and no one was able to enter the temple till the seven plagues of the seven angels were completed.

Divine Commentary –

“So the throne room fills with holy incense from the glory of God and from His power. 

  So no one is able to enter until the seven plagues of the seven semblances of The Holy Spirit are complete.”

NKJV Footnotes:

    * (15:2) NU-Text and M-Text omit over his mark.

    * (15:3) NU-Text and M-Text read nations.

    * (15:5) NU-Text and M-Text omit behold.


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