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The Oil of The Spirit (30.7.10)

“The oil of The Spirit is real upon the palm, 

                                    is real upon the countenance, 

                                    is real when The Spirit falls with the intent to oil.

The oil of The Spirit comes with sheen upon the skin, 

                                  comes with evidence before the eyes, 

                                  comes with transfer of a handclasp, 

                                                                       a greeting face to face.

The oil of The Spirit confirms the companionship of God, 

                                  confirms His acceptance of the worship, 

                                  confirms His approval of the hearts so gathered, 

                                  confirms His will to make His presence known, 

                                  confirms the progressive cleaning of His bride, 

                                  confirms His bride in preparation for an event of grandeur.

The oil of The Spirit is to ignite the flame of a spirit which presently is doused, 

                                                                                 which presently is snuffed, 

                                                                                 which presently is but a weakened glimmer in a darkened room. 

The oil of The Spirit can feed a lamp hidden in a hood, 

                                                            hidden in a cave of loneliness,                                                     

                                                            hidden in a place of solitude.

The oil of The Spirit will flare the flame of righteousness, 

                                  will light the depths of darkness, 

                                  will prevail in bringing hope with faith into a seeking soul. 

The oil of The Spirit has significance in the field of boldness, 

                                                             in the field of proclamation, 

                                                             in the field of testimony, 

                                                             in the field of barrenness where the earth has no vestige of its greenery, 

                                                                                  where there is need of restoration and salvation on the earth.

The oil of The Spirit is a ministry of presence, 

                                  is a ministry of God, 

                                  is a ministry of tribute to the achievement of a spirit in the direction of a soul.

The oil of The Spirit falls on silent hands, 

                                  falls on hands at rest within The Lord, 

                                  falls on the skin when perspiration is absent from the glands of man.

The oil of The Spirit is rendered when conditions of holiness are present, 

                                  is rendered without the presence of the oil of blessing, 

                                  is rendered when the thoughts of man are centred on his God.”


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