My Scrolls

The End-time Relay Centres of My Temples (18.6.12)

“My people are presently not adept at hearing the voice of God,

                                                         at being on the wavelength of transmission,

                                                         at clearing the static which distorts reception,

                                                         at listening until it is the time to speak,

                                                         at conveying the intent of God with a message unadulterated.

My people should attempt to communicate on the wavelengths used by God,

                   the wavelengths of the tongues of My Spirit,

                   the wavelengths of thought outside the bounds of time,

                   the wavelengths built for the flash drives of the memory with no moving parts,

                   the wavelengths faster than the light slowed by its presence in the realm of physics.

My people are in the end-time of their preparation,

                  are encouraged to acquire the gifts of the fullness of The Spirit,

                                                             the promise of The Father,

                                                             the transmission mode of the angels:

                                                                                         the firewire of the heavens.

My people are encouraged to increase their abilities among the vocabularies of the heavens,

                                            to not dawdle in the solitude still with the tongue of initiation,

                                            to explore the field of tongues where every blade protruding –

                                                         feeds both the spirit and the soul,

                                                         surprises the body on hearing the power within the tongue,

                                                         declares the glory of achievement as progression is experienced,

                                                         comprises the summation of achievement as the temple starts transmission,

                                                                                      as the temple starts receiving,

                                                                    as the temple starts interpreting,

                                                 as the temple starts translating thoughts into the languages of the stars of God.

The temple which receives and transmits readily,

                freely with instant access,

                           across the frequencies of the languages of tongues,

                                     as showered by The Spirit,

                        is then prepared for venturing into the life realm of the mode which carries the voice of God in holiness and fear.

My Spirit hones and sharpens the tongues of My people,

                 tests and trains the tongues of My people,

                 strengthens and exercises the tongues of My people,

                 bestows fluency with practise on the tongues of My people,

                 corrects the vocal cords for accents in the tongues of My people,

                 modifies by adjustment for pronunciation of the tongues of My people.

My Spirit qualifies the speakers for both clarity and pitch,

                 qualifies the speakers for conciseness and precision,

                 qualifies the speakers for accuracy and content,

                 qualifies the speakers by tuning in the station of The Voice.

My Spirit is the technician in the sound booth,

                    the technician in the vision centre,

                    the technician of the heavens which guides,


                                                        the temple communications to and from the throne room of God.”


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