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The Beauty of The Morning (3.5.12)

“The beauty of the morning is often not seen regularly by man,

                                                       not seen when playing to an empty house,

                                                       not seen as the curtain rises as the menu of the day.

The beauty of the morning is clothed in glory with the sun-rise,

                                            is clothed in regality with the earth-light lingering in the dawn,

                                            is clothed in majesty with the clouds displayed on fire.

The beauty of the morning showcases the tail-end of the dressings of the night,

                                            showcases the presenting of the day,

                                            showcases the pattering of the earth in season,

                                            showcases the mantling of white as the backdrop changes,

                                            showcases the impact of a shoreline plashing a bounded beach,

                                            showcases the foresting of the trees intersected by the streams of purity.

The beauty of the morning succumbs to the lighting of the day,

                                            succumbs to the headlight of The Son,

                                            succumbs to the passage of the time of man.

The beauty of the morning is not to be ignored,

                                            is there to uplift the spirit,

                                    is displayed to magnify the soul as eyes are filled with wonder,

                                                                                        as eyes are seen to pause,

                                                                                        as eyes come to marvel at the surrounds of creation.

The beauty of the morning is visited upon both time and space,

                                                       upon both the present and the earth,

                                                       upon both the just and the unjust.

The beauty of the morning is an adjunct of creation,

                                            is within the testimony of God to man,

                                            is at the forefront of the livelihood of man,

                                            is dynamic in design,

                                            is varied and delightful,

                                            is memorable and moving,

                                            is enhancing and exquisite.

The beauty of the morning overwrites the pains of yesterday,

                                            overwrites the pain of mourning,

                                            overwrites the trials found within mortality,

                                            overwrites the ugliness of sin,

                                            overwrites the scenes of misbehaviour,

                                            overwrites with the seal of long-term approval emanating from The God of placement who so
                                                                                                                                                     loves the world.

The beauty of the morning is as grace disclosed,

                                            is as grace encountered,

                                            is as grace on offer.

The beauty of the morning knows the thunderstorms of life,

                                            knows the erasing of the slates;

                                            knows the turbulence found within the soul,

                                            knows the calm found within The Spirit’s wind;

                                            knows the temptations of the spirit,

                                            knows the forgiveness of God.

The beauty of the morning should be ascribed to God:

                                                       as it is destined for the awe of man.

The beauty of the morning is reflected in the face of man back to his God of love.


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