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The End-time Pestering of Man (4.8.13)

“The pestering of man is persistent and ongoing,

                                     is carried out by those of lower ilk than demons –

                                                the imps within the shadows who both tempt and tease,

                                                                                              who both annoy and return,

                                                                                              who both test for an open door and an invitation.

The pestering of man is specific and precise,

                                   is nasty and consistent,

                                   is ominous and threatening.

The pestering of man discovers his access points of vulnerability,

                                                                                        those with his objections,

                                                                                        those with his acceptance.

The pestering of man builds on the presence of his lies,

                                              on the presence of deceit,

                                              on the presence of unrighteousness within the heart and soul.

The pestering of man inoculates the body and the soul as if a mosquito sucking blood,

                                                                                        as if a touch too light to feel,

                                                                                        as if an input not considered sufficient to sound a warning note to man.

The pestering of man explores the possibilities of leading him to shame,

                                                                                                    to secreting in the cave of privacy,

                                                                                                    to entering the twilight zone with the approach of darkness.

The pestering of man should be realized for what it is,

                                   should be stopped from developing further,

                                   should be prevented from being listed as a target –

                                                                                                 as a target for attack.

The pestering of man cannot penetrate the mantle of The Spirit,

                                                               the covering of God,

                                                               the presence of a temple.

The pestering of man is offered his protection,

                                                    his means of circumventing his foe in action,

                                                    his assurance that pestering will be of no effect.

The pestering of man is not a sign of God,

                                   is not a sign of benefit to man,

                                   is not a sign leading to good health.

The pestering of man is a sign of the need for grace,

                                                 of the need for My Spirit’s presence,

                                                 of the need for a new covenant in force.

The pestering of man is at variance with the will of God.”


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