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The End-time Shouting of Man (13.9.13)

“The shouting of man while confined to his crib is less than a spasm in eternity,

                                                                              is less than a twinkle of a star,

                                                                              is less than a flash of lightning in the absence of the thunder.

The shouting of man tires out the eardrums when heard to completion,

                                  tires out the eardrums while composing a reply,

                                  tires out the eardrums when repeated until exhausted by the passage of time.

The shouting of man should not be on a timetable,

                                  should not be born of inexperience,

                                  should not carry a message of unimportance.

The shouting of man comes to be ignored by the wise,

                                   always surprises the fool,

                                   tends to be short of apologies deserved,

                                   encourages like raising of voices as if appearing on a stage.

The shouting of man is amplified by man,

                                  is flung into the void with an echo tumbling after,

                                  loses its crispness of delivery in excessive distortion which muddies up the message.

The shouting of man is ineffective when the objective is to transfer knowledge,

                                  serves very little purpose when met by an opposing shout,

                                  is lost in the uproar when joined by several others.

The shouting of man is ill-considered at the best,

                                                                      is worthless at the worst;

                                   achieves very little at the best,

                                                                      is useless at the worst;

                                   is overbearing at the best,

                                                                      is ignored at the worst.

The shouting of man wears the eardrums out before the day completes,

                                  needs the muffs in place so distractions cannot penetrate,

                                  gives venting of the anger from arousal at the petty and remote.

The shouting of man signs of patience exhausted,

                                            of frustration in full flow,

                                            of anger released where control is very shallow,

                                            of a will not able to dominate an exchange,

                                            of a freewill choice to misbehave without recourse,

                                            of an intent to bully so to prevail,

                                            of the option to make an opinion heard,

                                                                  to impinge on a discussion where nothing is contributed.

The shouting of man signs of reaching across a distance when attention is avidly sought.

The shouting of man diminishes his stature,

                                  is not encountered in the presence of a king,

                                  should not be encountered by a king in-waiting,

                                  should not be used by a king in-waiting.

The shouting of man should be restricted to a warning at the imperilment of life,

                                  should be restricted to a greeting where the voice needs to carry,

                                  should be restricted to a search where the lost need to be found,

                                  should be restricted to when addressing a gathering of listeners.

The shouting of man is not intended for confrontation of a class,

                                  is not intended to coerce a child,

                                  is not intended to intimidate an individual,

                                  is not intended to broadcast blasphemy across the lips of man.

The shouting of man should not be a last-ditch effort to get the attention of God.

The shouting of man precludes a close relationship with God,

                                  precludes the fear of God,

                                  precludes a message reaching the very ears of God as the angels scatter.”


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