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The Website of The Lord (End-time) (25.4.12)

“The website of The Lord is due for a change in emphasis;

                                                     for a freeing from the law of recompense while in preparation;

                                                     for the instating of the freewill offerings of faith:

                                                                                                while man is under grace,

                                                                                                      as fullness is attained,

                                                                                                            so the good news is proclaimed.

The website of The Lord reaches out in disclosure,

                                         fulfils The Spirit’s guidance,

                                         knows the evidence of truth.

The website of The Lord links the past into the future,

                                         links the present to understanding,

                                         links the destiny of man unto his own freewill,

                                         links the curses with their origins,

                                         links the blessings to the reign,

                                         links wisdom to requests so wisdom may prevail.

The website of The Lord places emphasis on knowledge of The God of Love,

                                         places emphasis on preparation,

                                         places emphasis on the opened door,

                                         places emphasis on knowledge of the season,

                                         places emphasis on the divine relationship,

                                         places emphasis on the selecting of a destiny,

                                         places emphasis on enquiry with response,

                                         places emphasis on the immortality of man.

The website of The Lord stands to introduce man to his God,

                                                    to strengthen a divine relationship through knowledge of the day,

                                                    to bring again the love of God before the attention of man.

The website of The Lord does not succumb to evil,

                                         does not honour man in his own sight,

                                         does not condone sin in all its forms.

The website of The Lord would motivate man in righteousness:

                                                                          to forsake his pride,

                                                                          to maintain integrity of character,

                                                                          to subdue his soul unto his spirit,

                                                                          to welcome his destiny of choice,

                                                                          to grow into discipleship,

                                                                          to leave the goats behind,

                                                                          to decide to join the shepherd in the sheepfold:

                                                                                                              in the coming reign of light.

The website of The Lord shouts the message of salvation to a hungry world,

                                                                                to encourage those born to seek,

                                                                to witness departures from idolatry,

                                                to be at the forefront of acceptance at the rejoicing of the angels,

                          to discover the need for knowledge of The Living God,

       to fill the mind of man with the message of the cross,

                                            with the reality of redemption,

                                            with the planning for eternity in the presence of The God of Grace.”


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