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The God of Man (13.8.12)

“The vitality of man has seen man birthed and multiplied,

                                  has seen him established with dominion,

                                  has seen him king of his technology,

                                  has seen him reaching for the stars,

                                  has seen him attempting to farewell his God.

The God of man is his originator,

                            is his sequencer,

                            is his reconciler,

                            is his redeemer,

                            is his saviour,

                            is his provider,

                            is his source of grace.

The God of man is unique within eternity,

                            is jealous and formidable,

                            is the maker of man in His own image,

                            is loving and uplifting,

                            is the only God of man alive and caring for His people,

                            is the God who answers prayers,

                            is the God with supremacy over all and every thing.

The God of man encircles the world of man,

                            leaves no bolt hole in which to hide,

                            leaves no path open for escape.

The God of man encompasses the being of man,

                            knows the stone to turn when searching,

                            knows the tempter’s power defeated,

                            knows the pathway to the cross,

                            knows the pathway to The Father,

                            knows the building block of Faith,

                            knows the pathway to The Son.

The God of man counsels and determines,

                            chastens and curtails,

                            enlightens and envelops.

The God of man is the surrogate of parenthood,

                            is the harbinger of grace,

                            is the worker of the miracles.

The God of man opens up the wonders,

                            declares what is to be,

                            wills the sharing of inheritance.

The God of man festoons the heavens with the signs,

                            highlights the beauties of renown,

                            shares His space with man.

The God of man dispatches evil to be sequestered,

                            discharges those infected from His presence,

                            denies those who insist on clinging to what should be foregone.

The God of man does not insinuate Himself,

                            does not impose Himself,

                            does not thunder in coercion,

                            does not infringe the freewill of man.

The God of man is the seeker of relationships,

                            is for the living and the loving,

                            is the source of all His gifts.

The God of man is the secretor of His tears for the waywardness of man;

                            is the sender of His Spirit to comfort and relate;

                            is the descriptor of the universe unto the senses of man;

                            is the installer of the cross as impressed on the memory of man;

                            is the bridegroom in waiting for His bride;

                            is the be all of fear and worship within the existence of man;

                            is The God of Ages made known upon the earth.”


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