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The Perspicacity of Man (27.10.13)

“The perspicacity of man is difficult to assess,

                                          is difficult to observe in action,

                                          is difficult when the thoughts of man are jumbled,

                                          is difficult when the intent of his mind is clouded.

The perspicacity of man serves him well when healthy and developed,

                                                                   when defined and used,

                                                                   when kept available for My Spirit’s counsel,

                                                                   when attuned and accustomed to the tongues of My Spirit,

                                                                   when accepting the frequency of practice to familiarize the gifts of My Spirit in fresh situations.

The perspicacity of man cannot be borrowed or lent,

                                         cannot be stolen or bought,

                                         cannot be discarded or trashed.

The perspicacity of man is contained within the bounds of life of the spirit and the soul.

The perspicacity of man is not an echo of his intellect,

                                         is not a second thought,

                                         is not dependent on his reasoning,

                                         is not a function of his logic,

                                         is not a benefit of learning.

The perspicacity of man is a built-in adjunct within the brain of man,

                                         is active when needed,

                                         can be accessed with a mental query,

                                         can impart the way of progress to a goal.

The perspicacity of man is the capacitor of the spirit,

                                         is charged by My Spirit when counsel is received,

                                                                               when wisdom is imparted,

                                                                               when the gifts of My Spirit become evident in action:

                                                                                            as a discharge is desired and achieved.

The perspicacity of man manifests to the surprise of man:

                                                                          both in hearing and in speaking.

The perspicacity of man assists man in achieving his full potential,

                                                             in his vacating of the vacuous,

                                                             in the fulfilling of his destiny.

The perspicacity of man stimulates his growth,

                                         assists in skirting pitfalls,

                                         measures well before the cloth is cut.

The perspicacity of man is not as sitting on a see-saw,

                                         is not as riding on a roundabout,

                                         is not as travelling in a lift:

                                              each returning back to the beginning which remains unchanged.

The perspicacity of man is his problem solving capability resolved by a flash of inspiration,

                                                                                        by an ’Aha!’ of exclamation,

                                                                        by the innate knowledge of the route to follow for a successful ending.

The perspicacity of man enhances the resolution of a difficulty,

                                                                      that which may not be immediately apparent,

                                                                      that presenting still as a puzzle,

                                                                      that seeking a solution within the scope of effort.

The perspicacity of man can seek the counselling of God,

                                         can bind on the earth so to be bound in heaven,

                                         can loose on the earth so to be loosed in heaven.*

The perspicacity of man can seek both the physical and the spiritual –

                                                                                                            by sight,

                                                                                                            by ear,

                                                                                                            by tongue,

                                                                                                            by nose,

                                                                                                            by touch;

                                                        with the spiritual also by the transference of thought.

The perspicacity of man should be fine-tuned in preparation –

                                                                                       by the gifts of My Spirit,

                                                                                       by an awareness of these gifts,

                                                                                       by the use of these gifts within the reality of man.

The perspicacity of man should be able to identify with My Spiritual gifts of knowledge and of wisdom –

                                                                                     as he encounters his fellow man –

                                                                                     as he relates to The God of Abraham.

The perspicacity of man is to enable the present understanding of man in his end-time relationship with God.”

*Scribal Note: Refer The Bible: Matthew 16:19 (NKJV)

    Perspicacity: The quality of having a ready insight into things; shrewdness.


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