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The Viceroy of India (20.7.12)

“The Viceroy of India spoke with authority in the past,

                                               in an office of Viceroyalty,

                                               from territory so governed for a distant king.

The Viceroy of India spoke upon a field of grandeur,

                                             upon a field of disparities,

                                             upon a field born of a distant past.

The Viceroy of India spoke according to the options,

                                             according to instructions,

                                             according to the policy of the day.

The Viceroy of India sought to preserve the rule of law,

                                   sought transitioning in peace,

                                   sought consensus among conspirators,

                                   sought wisdom among dissent.

The Viceroy of India asked the impossible from those engaged in self-interest of minorities,

                                                                     from those engaged in fragmentation of the whole,

                                                                     from those engaged in creating homelands for the few,

                                                                     from those engaged in birthing new divisions.

The Viceroy of India was presiding at the closing of an epoch,

                                   had the visionless clawing so to feed,

                                   had the gods of idolatry shouting in discord,

                                   had the bounds of law dismembering as he spoke.

The Viceroy of India was presiding over an office due for extinction,

                          an office no longer able to gather resources to protect the imperilled and at risk,

                          an office where the seal of the king was already gathering dust –

                                                                                                from an ink pad which was dry.

The Viceroy of India saw the sun set very quickly,

                                   saw the slaughter of the helpless in the names of unloving gods,

                                   saw the tears of anguish on the face of many,

                                   saw the time to go had come:

                          and left amidst the turmoil as differences were settled by the sword.

The Viceroy of India had a godly disposition but was overcome by the intensity of evil,

                                                                           as the vision vanished,

                                                                           as the picture changed,

                                                                           as his forces ran away,

                                                                           as mayhem presided within the losing of control.

As The Son returns to receive His kingdom,

                                                     so the potentates will likewise fall,

                                                     so their authority will flee with the expanse of freedom,

                                                     so the collapse of the tenures of the kings of the earth –

                                                                               whether elected or inherited or assumed –

                                                                   will accompany the mouths of evil,

                                                                                             the sinning against God,

                                                                                             the battles of My Spirit in the land of Goshen.

As The Son returns so My bride is readied,

                                so My bride is entailed,

                                so My bride receives as co-heirs of the kingdom’s reign.

As The Son returns so evil is attenuated,

                                so justice is to the fore,

                                so My banner heralds,


                                                            proclaims and flies.

             So the kings of Salem walk up to their thrones.

             So the worshipful of God exchange their faith for wisdom.

             So the wise are instated and deemed as fit to rule in righteousness.

As The Son is seated,

                          so The Father blesses;

                          so The Spirit speaks unto the assembly gathered;

                          so the gowns of life testify to the viceroys of the present,

                                                                                                           enhancing their surroundings.


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