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The Tears of Man (2) (21.1.14)

“The tears of man are usually of short duration,

                              do not linger on the cheek,

                              do not linger in the eyes.

The tears of man signify the emotions of the soul,

                                        the outpouring of a sign,

                                        the evidence of feelings running high.

The tears of man clean the dust of the earth from the eyes of man,

                            clear the scenes of man for a new beginning,

                            close the eyes of man in the timing of release.

The tears of man are mopped and wiped,

                            cascade and wet,

                            pass and dry.

The tears of man visit in times of mourning,

                            visit in times of joy,

                            visit in celebration,

                            visit in disappointment,

                            visit in abrasive words,

                            visit in deeds of violence.

The tears of man visit the wonder of new life,

                                    the presence of a gift,

                                    the language of love,

                                    the greeting of surprise,

                                    the expression of gratitude,

                                    the melting of a heart.

The tears of man can be extraordinary and beautiful,

                            can be unexpected and surprising,

                            can be embarrassing and hidden.

The tears of man can flow in a picture incurred by shame,

                                           in a picture incurred by appreciation,

                                           in a picture incurred by a sacrifice of love.

The tears of man can glisten in the soft lighting of the night,

                                              in the presence of a farewell,

                                              in a seat of loneliness.

The tears of man appear in profusion at a wedding,

                                        precariously at the preparation of the bride,

                                        at the presence of the sincerest of regret as it ushers in a change.

The tears of man are sponged in the hope they will not be noticed,

                                                in the hope they will not be understood,

                                                in the hope that the onset will quickly pass and not become a flood.

The tears of man can develop and yet not fall,

                            can be quickly blinked away,

                            can be disguised as if they never were,

                            can be dismissed with the palest of a joke,

                            can be hidden behind a handkerchief as something in the eye is tended.

The tears of man come and go throughout the life of man,

                                                 in times of trial and error,

                                                 in times of sanctity and grace,

                                                 in times of family and separation.

The tears of man bring no honour when brought in acrimony with the wounding of the spirit,

                                                       when shed in bitterness with offences implanted through injustice,

                                                       when hastened by anger which falls upon the innocent,

                                                       when sourced by harshness enveloping the beloved,

                                                       when intimidating that which should be upheld and strengthened,

                                                       when shouting a curse which stains the soul.

The tears of man witness to man of the welfare of a fellow human being,

                            witness to the angels as the record is prepared with the truth installed,

                            witness to God either in welcoming His arms or as He sees a shadow walk away.

The tears of man are of much interest to The God of love and truth;

                            should be of much interest to man in his absence of sincerity:

                                                                                           for the messages which they carry –

                                                             to those who would reflect with wisdom in evaluating the outward intensity of thoughts.

The tears of man follow the tears of God;

                            follow as the enhancing of a face;

                                       as adorning the grime of labouring;

                                       as known among the channels etched for the runways of the eyes.”


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