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The Fall of Grace (End-time 2) (4.4.14)

“The fall of grace is not evaluated for jurisdiction.

The fall of grace is not evaluated for a region,

                                                            a gender,

                                                            an age group,

                                                            an asset class,

                                                            a life style,

                                                            a belief structure:

                                             of man within his wilderness so present and so real.

The fall of grace does not patter like a storm of hail,

                                    is rather like the fall of snow.

         For silently does grace and snow arrive:

          for wonderfully is a vista changed,

          for joyously and light-heartedly can the spirit in a handclasp with the soul set off on a journey in a temple of renown.

The fall of grace happens very quickly,

                            may take a while to be absorbed,

                            may rest upon the head while it seeps into extremities where self-doubt and self-defeat are the hardest to restore.

The fall of grace is always sufficient for the task at hand,

                            is not stalled by a shortage,

                            is readily available to blot out further mistakes admitted in the progression of life.

The fall of grace does not vary in intensity depending on the state,

                            has no need to call for more unless there has been a fresh contamination,

                            has no need to count while there is a work in progress.

The fall of grace soaks those who seek it,

                                      those who willingly stand within the shower;

                            satisfies the quest for righteousness;

                            fulfils a sacrifice of love;

                            harnesses the power of forgiveness;

                            sanctifies the body soul and spirit.

The fall of grace is a turning point in life,

                            is the closure of a miracle,

                            is the fulfilment of a promise,

                            is the harbinger of The Spirit,

                            starts the construction of a temple.

The fall of grace changes destinies in mid-stream,

                            opens eyes that could not see,

                            clears the pathway to the tongues of heaven,

                            enables the catchers to receive the gifts,

                            spells out the purpose of a life,

                            increases love into every situation.

The fall of grace institutes change within a heart,

                                            perception of sensations previously unknown,

                                            compassion coming to the fore,

                                            the banishing of violence within the mixture of foul words,

                                            the counselling of My Spirit in the life of the committed,

                                            righteousness as the prerequisite for peace.

The fall of grace introduces prayer:

                            enables the curses of the centuries finally to be dissolved,

                                        the curses of generations finally to be vanquished,

                                        the curses implicit in a worldly stunting life finally to be overcome and left behind.

The fall of grace brings the blessings from the open window,

                            brings the blessings from the impartations,

                            brings the gifts as gratitude is expressed,

                            brings the music to the rejoicing soul,

                            brings the exhilaration to the spirit singing in liberation,

                            brings the prospect of good health to the body wracked in addiction,

                                                                                                       wracked in suffering,

                                                                                                       wracked in pain,

                                                                                                       wracked in remorse.

The fall of grace follows on repentance,

                            follows on the sincerity of an exchange with God,

                            follows on the understanding of the conceptions of the cross:

                                              those which were intended to bring to pass the imminent death of The Son of Man –

                                                               He who was posed as an impostor;

                                                               He who was posed as a threat;

                                                               He who was posed as one without authority;

                                                               He who was posed as not what He claimed to be;

                                                               He who was posed as to not fulfil the scriptures of the written word,

                                                               He who was posed as lacking in integrity when speaking of the future –

                                                                                                                                          under a prophet’s mantle.

The fall of grace leads into the completeness of the promises arising from an empty tomb.

The fall of grace initiates the progression,

                                         the preparation,

                                         the completion of those who would become the dwellers among the bride of Christ:

                                                                          as an inheritance from the past is bestowed within a destiny –

                                                                                                                         the inheritance known to be born of grace.”


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