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The Heralds of God (2) (6.4.14)

“The heralds of God are widely spread and effective within My bride-in-preparation.

The heralds of God are diverse and speak in many tongues of man and of the angels.

The heralds of God are existent within the media of man,

                                                   within the servants of God,

                                                   within the records of the past,

                                                                                     the present and the future:

                                                                                                 which have and do and will impact on the being of man.

The heralds of God do not whisper behind a hand held to the mouth,

                                do not write when they should be speaking,

                                do not keep silent when sin is seen or heard.

The heralds of God are commissioned to bring messages to the world,

                                                              to proclaim the standards of behaviour,

                                                              to encourage a change of heart and soul,

                                                              to portray their love for their fellow man.

The heralds of God seek out the penitent to encourage and relieve,

                                                                  to set apart for a new objective,

                                                                  to reach out to lift the heads with smiles and understanding.

The heralds of God overcome the difficulties,

                                overcome the disappointments,

                                overcome the broken promises,

                                overcome the selfishness and greed encountered,

                                overcome the viciousness of what has gone before,

                                overcome in victory that to which they have been appointed –

                                                                                        in these end-time days.

The heralds of God vibrate with excitement,

                                vibrate with the kiss of God,

                                vibrate with the keenness of anticipation.

The heralds of God do not tire of the need to search and find:

                                are refreshed every morning;

                                are renewed every day;

                                are confirmed in the evening of discovery.

The heralds of God discuss and rejoice at the acceptance of their messages,

                                                                                            of all that God has done,

                                                                                            of all that God is doing,

                                                                                            of all that God has planned for both the here and now.

The heralds of God do not shuffle in indecision,

                                do not retrace their steps without a fresh objective,

                                do not beg and plead for the acceptance of their God.

The heralds of God know the step of righteousness,

                                know the step of faith,

                                know the step within the will of God,

                                know the step accompanying a change within a life.

The heralds of God go where ears are many and gather so to listen;

                                go where eyes are waiting to be opened so to see anew;

                                go where faith presents the miracles the wonders the signs:

                                                                                       to those so seeking to achieve the wholeness of their souls.

The heralds of God go to keep divine appointments where mountains need hurling into the sea,

                                                                                   where burdens of a lifetime need lifting on request,

                                                                                   where idolatry is present with shackles born of curses –

                                                                                                            needing to be broken for the bound to be freed.

The heralds of God know their God of love and would share Him with the world,

                                                                              would bring Him to the multitudes,

                                                                              would teach in both sincerity and truth:

                                                                                                                 He of whom they come to witness and declare.

The heralds of God pass to and fro across the lands,

                                                                      bringing righteousness to defeat corruption,

                                                                      bringing righteousness as the instiller of peace,

                                                                      bringing righteousness as the handiwork of The Loving God.

The heralds of God visit and impart,

                                care for and depart,

                                impact on a heart.

The heralds of God see and bring the word,

                                hear and set the stage,

                                speak recovery and healing to the impaired and to the widows,

                                                                             to the lonely and to the orphans,

                                                                             to the wealthy and to the secure:

                                                                  as they come to shelter under the outreached arms of The Living God.”


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