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Service to God (21.10.12)

“Service to God is far from being without reward.

Service to God is rendered unto the most generous of paymasters,

                                            unto The Master who keeps His promises,

                                                           who is concerned with His people’s welfare,

                                                           who is concerned with their daily lives,

                                                           who is concerned with their physical and spiritual endeavours.

Service to God is rendered within the freewill of man,

                         is not a matter of compulsion,

                         is not a source of conflict,

                         has never been the subject of a strike.

Service to God has freedom in the length of service,

                         has freedom in the hours of service,

                         has freedom of expression in the love for God.

Service to God carries very high rewards:

                                     very high marking of success,

                                     very high entries for the treasure from the service of a life,

                                     very high satisfaction with the promises awaiting fulfilment,

                                     very high responses to the presence of God,

                                     very high thanksgiving for the results of answered prayer,

                                     very high effects of change from being under grace,

                                     very high relationships with the bequeather of the guest within the temple.

Service to God has no end in sight while willing.

Service to God opens the door for the lighting of the soul,

                                                  for the backdrop of great beauty,

                                                  for the drawing of the curtains –

                                                                            as the stage of life is set for occupation –

                                                    with God waiting in the wings and ready with the prompt in silence.

Service to God is for His bride-in-waiting:

                         is for His bride acclaiming,

                         is for His bride preparing,

                         is for His bride expanding,

                         is for His bride testifying,

                         is for His bride acknowledging,

                         is for His bride in fear.

Service to God turns all the light bulbs on,

                         causes things to hum,

                         casts the shadows out,

                         lifts the faces up,

                         puts the hands to work,

                         calls the children close,

                         has the ear of God.

Service to God fills the heart of man,

                         progresses the Kingdom of God,

                         builds the family of God,

                         witnesses the moves of God,

                         gathers the end-time bounty destined for God.

Service to God brings surprises galore:

                         brings the unexpected in as the spotlight for the soul,

                         brings the power of The Spirit into an equation,

                         brings the promise of the message for the day into the reality of man,

                         brings the grace of God offering to recover all.”


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