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The Functioning of Unity (10.2.14)

“The functioning of unity is not difficult for man to grasp,

                                          is not difficult for man to practise,

                                          is not difficult for man to embrace.

The functioning of unity has simplicity of reasoning,

                                        has commonality of purpose,

                                        has the heroes of faith with but a single destiny.

The functioning of unity is not pulled back and forth as if a cross-cut saw,

                                        is not restrained by queries of belief,

                                        is not resolved by those upholding factions within the faith.

The functioning of unity is not impressed by whispers,

                                        does not extend with shouting,

                                        does not survive in a melee bred of provocation.

The functioning of unity glorifies the trinity in unison of approach,

                                        glorifies The Father in commonality of belief,

                                        glorifies The Son in the discipling from The Lord,

                                        glorifies The Holy Spirit within the fear-filled giftings of God.

The functioning of unity does not witness to a restoration,

                                        does not witness to a separation,

                                        does not witness to a segregation,

                                        does not witness to a reformation,

                                        does not witness to the division of discipleship,

                                        does not witness to the restrictions put on faith.

The functioning of unity thrives within the bounds of love,

                                        thrives within the bounds of truth,

                                        thrives within the bounds of commitment to The Lord,

                                        thrives within the bounds requested of His bride –

                        to uphold with honour the two commandments as brought before the nations of the earth.

The functioning of unity restricts the scope envisaged by man –

                                                to concentrating on the centrality of The Christ:

                                                          of faith central to the core belief,

                                                          of sacrifice central to redemption,

                                                          of repentance central to salvation,

                                                          of prayer central to a relationship with God,

                                                          of fasting central to the humbling of man,

                                                          of evangelism central to the tasking of God,

                                                          of baptism of the body soul and spirit central to the second birth,

                                                          of the communion of the saints central to the longevity of their memory; 

                                                          of the new covenant central to the understanding of The Bride-in-waiting,

                                                          of the fall of grace central to the cleansing from sin,

                                                          of the fear of God central to maintaining reverence,

                                                          of the marriage covenant central to preserving families,

                                                          of His people under discipleship central to progressing each walk with God,

                                                          of righteousness central to attaining access to the will of God,

                                                          of worship central in approaching the silent holiness of God,

                                                          of the gifts of God central to the empowering of each servant’s tasking –

                                                                                                                                        with My ministry to man.

The functioning of unity was attempted by man in the Nicene statement of faith –

                        since sorely tested in sincerity of application:

                                                          by the pride of man;

                                                          by the quest for leadership;

                                                          by the drought of understanding;

                                                          by the lack of submission;

                                                          by the rise of denominations seen as a last resort –

                                    those which contribute to the diminution of the strength of the servants’ messages –

                                                                                                                     as they declare the call of God –

                                                                                                         as tainted by the divisionalizing of man.

The functioning of unity is a directive to the angels of My bride,

                                                                          will be evident within each heart,

                                                                          will be obeyed within each spirit,

                                                                          will be manifested by every soul.

The functioning of unity is active within the realms of heaven,

                                        is to be activated within the kingdom of God on earth.

The functioning of unity does not admit the admonishments of Satan,

                                        does not admit the presence of the results of evil,

                                        does not admit the carriers who would quench the light,

                                        does not admit the harbinger of dissension.

The functioning of unity is in the will of God,

                                        is the identifier of My bride,

                                        is at the forefront of introducing the flock of The Good Shepherd,

                                        is the point of recognition in confirming the oversight of God.

The functioning of unity,

                                  as it comes to surround My Bride-in-waiting,

                                                                                                  is to surround the unity of God.”


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