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The Reins of God (5.10.12)

“The reins of God do not put callouses on the mouth,

                              do not pull at the lips,

                              do neither obstruct the vocal nor the obscene.

The reins of God are held very lightly,

                             are held between the finger and the thumb,

                             are held to encourage a straight line to the goal,

                             are held as directives on the route to safety,

                             are held within the grip of grace.

The reins of God do not pull from side to side,

                            do not encourage circles,

                            do not prevent a drink on a thirsty day,

                            do not enforce a gait,

                            do not prevent a rest. 

The reins of God always temper effort without a purpose,

                             always temper speed without an urgency,

                             always temper anxiety without a prayer,

                             always temper urgency without the patience,

                             always temper absence without a visit.

The reins of God do not transmit rebukes,

                            do not convey threats or recrimination,

                            do not pull up in anger at veering in a shy.

The reins of God respond to the righteous and the just,

                             can lead to a well of water,

                                           to a site of beauty,

                                           to a call for help.

The reins of God can lead to all of interest to The God of Love.

The reins of God are broken by the head jerk of denial,

                                               by the bit between the teeth,

                                               by the tossing of the head,

                                               by the kicking of the heels,

                                               by the bucking for the shedding of control,

                                               by the snapping of the teeth.

The reins of God are not broken by a stumble,

                                                     by the swishing of the tail,

                                                     by the arching of the back,

                                                     by the rearing of the hooves,

                                                     by the pricking of the ears,

                                                     by the rolling of the eyes.

The reins of God are held by an equestrian of great skill,

                                               an equestrian of understanding,

                                               an equestrian with wisdom.

The reins of God are not dropped in mistake,

                            are not tied to a hitching rail,

                            are not left to drag a trace upon the dust.

The reins of God are made of threads of gold,

                            are as fine as gossamer,

                            do not break without due cause.

The reins of God interpret directions very accurately,

                             foresee a false step in the making,

                             give counsel with the tightening of a finger.

The reins of God are a blessing by their being,

                             are as a check unto a spirit,

                             are as a sensing of a wrong,

                             are as a cloudy thought on a sunny day,

                             are wisdom in the making,

                             are the signing of the care of God.”


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