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The Visionaries of God (8.2.14)

“The visionaries of man often follow the occult:

                                                        find it easier to gain attention,

                                                        find it easier to gain publicity,

                                                        find it easier to gain a following,

                                                        find it easier without restraint upon what they say or do,

                                                        find it easier without inspection of their way of life,

                                                        find it easier to pander to the dark side of man.

The visionaries of man should be more particular in whom they serve,

                                      should be more perceptive of the repercussions,

                                      should be more perceptive of the lives they spoil,

                                      should be more perceptive when meddling with a boomerang,

                                      should be more perceptive of due accountability for their actions of freewill.

The visionaries of man can become enslaved to Satan,

                                      can be at his beck and call,

                                      can be spreaders of his lies,

                                      can be a party to his disobedience of God,

                                      can be subject to the judgement of a partnership,

                                      can be showing lack of wisdom in their lives,

                                      can be the culprits in enmeshing others in deceit.

The visionaries of man need courage to forsake a master once established,

                                                            to repent with turning from what they know so well,

                                                            to seek and then to serve at the highest court,

                                                            to change from an outreach with the darkness to an outreach with the light,

                                                            to shudder at the past –

                                                                                   at that which has become repulsive,

                                                            to rejoice in becoming a student of The Light of The World,

                                                                                                                    Jesus The Loving Christ,

                                                                                                                    The I AM of creation,

                                                                                 The Living God in waiting for the preparation of His Bride.

The visionaries of man who preach or teach against the word of God,

                                      who preach or teach the made-up word of God,

                                      who preach or teach in lies mingled with some truth –

                           are all to be selected as false prophets in opposition to God’s covenant with man –

                                                                                                                       that as birthed upon the cross.

The visionaries of man have a special place in the service of God as they willingly become the visionaries of God.

The visionaries of God learn and acquire,

                                      prove trustworthy and honourable,

                                      prove accurate and wise,

                                      prove committed and benign.

The visionaries of God are open to the end-time needs of man,

                                      are open to the necessity for preparation,

                                      are open to dealing with past and current sins.

The visionaries of God have temples with unimpeded views from each roof –

                                                                     a view across the landscapes of man;

                                             a view into the heavens where the messages for man are formulated for delivery;

                                                                     a view into the darkness where is housed the destiny of default –

                                                                                never intended as the repository for the soul of man.

The visionaries of God have a great responsibility for transparency in their lives,

                                                                                 to live lives of rectitude,

                                                                                 to dwell within the framework of righteousness,

                                                                                 to counsel and install the works of God as tasked,

                                                                                 to succour and progress a character as modified and enhanced under

                                                                                                                                                         the discipleship of God,

                                                                                 to be such that the term ‘hypocrite’ is not seen to apply.

The visionaries of God can muster My Bride,

                                      can impart My understanding,

                                      can lead My people into wisdom,

                                      can share in the objectives as declared by God,

                                      can testify to those yet to become a part of the kingdom of God,

                                                                      yet to become uniquely committed to The Lord Jesus,

                                                                      yet to become numbered among My bride-in-waiting.

The visionaries of God pass on and so seal the present truth of God.

The visionaries of God assist in building and extending the kingdom of God.

The visionaries of God profess the majesty the power the authority the glory of God.

The visionaries of God move with the mantle of the gifts and counsel of My Spirit –

                                                     in all they fear and see and hear and do –

                                                     in their taskings borne through service of their King:

                                                                                 their loving God in worship and in truth.”


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