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My Book Seven Status (7.5.14)

“Book seven wherein I,

              The Lord Jesus,

                           speak of My presence,

                                      is the handbook of God for man;

                                      is the handbook for the multitudes who remain within My Kingdom;

                                      is the handbook of the edicts of The Lord to be enacted at My return;

                                      is the handbook of the counselling of man.

Book seven is correct as to its current content;

                    is to carry much more of all which I would say to man;

                    is to carry the survival of man;

                    is to carry his way of living;

                    is to offer man a new way of functioning;

                    is to affirm the ways of God for man when faith is out of time,

                                                                                when grace is supplanted by mercy with the evidence apparent for all to see.

Book seven reaches out with expectations,

                    reaches out with salutations,

                    reaches out with variations.

Book seven is as a reference book,

                    is as a book of law for those who will dwell thereunder,

                    is as filled with guiding principles to which My people will refer –

                                                                                                        when they become empowered.

Book seven stands without need for correction,

                    stands upon completion,

                    stands with the authority of The Lord.

Book seven has no need of codicils,

                    serves the needs of man,

                    meets the will of God.

Book seven holds the concepts of the governance of the multitudes –

                                                                                        in righteousness with justice;

                    decides the infractions which will call man to account;

                    discloses the standards which meet the will of God;

                    shows to man the deriving principles of The Kingdom of God.”

“This book seven of God stands as the umbilical between God and man.” *

Scribal Note: *

               Received 15 months later as book seven going to print: 11.20 am Thursday 20th August 2015



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