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The Edifice of God (2) (5.11.12)

“The edifice of God is the architecture of His rule,

                                 is the baseline for the building of His structures,

                                 is the canopy which embraces the edicts of His Kingdom’s rule,

                                 is comprised of the design parameters by which His Kingdom governs,

                                 is instituted by the will of God in wisdom.

The edifice of God is not secular by nature,

                                is not subservient to man,

                                is not the playground of Satan,

                                is not subjected to a lack of resources,

                                is not at the weather’s mercy,

                                is not deposed by the wrecking ball of chance,

                                is not wreaked by the environment upon the earth.

The edifice of God clarifies the understanding of man:

                                clarifies the integrity of God,

                                clarifies the freewill of man,

                                clarifies the call for mercy,

                                clarifies the accountability of man,

                                clarifies the courts of justice,

                                clarifies the consequences of sinning before God.

The edifice of God knows those who were offered grace:

                                knows those with a later claim to mercy;

                                knows those who rejected grace;

                                knows those with a case for mercy;

                                knows those who are bounded by accountability;

                                knows those made victims against their own freewill;

                                knows those for whom the angels testify.

The edifice of God dispenses mercy when in unity of decision:

                                               when in unity on justification;

                                               when in unity as to the sincerity of expression;

                                               when in unity within time;

                                               when in unity within eternity;

                                               when in unity as to the cause:

                                               when in unity as to the effect.

The edifice of God is intricate and sensitive,

                                is able and sensible,

                                is knowledgeable and wise,

                                is well founded on the truth.

The edifice of God deals with dormant sin,

                                deals with active sin,

                                deals with the intent to sin,

                                deals with the will to change,

                                deals with the acceptance of the change in rule.

The edifice of God notifies a change in status before God,

                               notifies a change in status before man,

                               notifies a change in status to the edifice of God,

                               notifies a change in status of the walk of man,

                               notifies a change in status to the outlook of his being.

The edifice of God is concerned with the welfare of His bride,

                                            with the responsibility for all upon the earth held in abeyance,

                                            with those within ‘The Lost’ who compile the grounds for mercy,

                                            with those who desire to make amends where recompense is difficult if justice is to prevail,

                                            with those awaiting sentencing for that which their own tongues confessed.

The edifice of God carries the livery of God,

                                carries the emblem of My Spirit,

                                carries the banner of My Kingdom,

                                carries the love of God,

                                carries the fare of God,

                                carries the courts of God,

                                carries the edicts of God.

The edifice of God carries the administrators of God,

                                carries the establishments of God,

                                carries the pinnacles of God,

                                carries the voices of His bride,

                                carries the will of God,

                                carries the presence of God,

                                carries the prophetic voice of God.

The edifice of God carries the gifts of God in action,

                                carries the dissertations founded on prayer,

                                carries the education of the multitudes,

                                carries the wisdom of the saints,

                                carries the pleas of sinners,

                                carries the children who died in innocence,

                                carries the instructions for the innocent at large.”


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