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The Incumbency of Christ (7.3.14)

“The incumbency of Christ is not subject to a further iteration.

The incumbency of Christ is permanent upon a landscape of eternity.

The incumbency of Christ is pre-eminent,

                                           is exclusive,

                                           is through sacrifice,

                                           is through The Father and The Spirit,

                                           is through prophecy fulfilled.

The incumbency of Christ speaks in revelation,

                                           speaks in truth,

                                           speaks in justice,

                                           speaks in consent of unity,

                                           speaks in the end-time field of grace,

                                           speaks in the presence of the angels,

                                           speaks in the vocabulary of heaven.

The incumbency of Christ neither knows a snare nor a delusion,

                                           neither knows a broken promise nor a promise seen at risk within inheritance.

The incumbency of Christ is the Kingship of a sphere,

                                           is the Lordship of the heavens,

                                           is The Godhood of creation,

                                           is The Triune Entities of eternity.

The incumbency of Christ is the reference for the morality of man,

                                           is the triumph of the sacrifice,

                                           is the will of The Father,

                                           is the home base of The Spirit,

                                           is the result of the ascendency,

                                           is affirmation of the word,

                                           is at the forefront of the faith of man.

The incumbency of Christ outlasts all the other gods of man:

                                           outlasts the stone,

                                                        the timber,

                                                        the metal,

                                                        the glass,

                                                        the plastic,

                                                        the resins,

                                                        and the images;

                                           outlasts the historic and the recent –

                                                             those gods who surrender to the worshipping of man –

                                                                              yet never make an utterance from within a living mouth.

The incumbency of Christ carries the fullness of Power,

                                                       the fullness of Authority,

                                                       the fullness of Splendour,

                                                       the fullness of Majesty,

                                                       the fullness of The Father,

                                                       the fullness of The Spirit,

                                                       the fullness of Holiness.

The incumbency of Christ knows the weaknesses of man,

                                           knows the strengths of man,

                                           knows the trust of man,

                                           knows the love of man,

                                           knows the hate of man,

                                           knows the worship of man,

                                           knows the disdain of man.

The incumbency of Christ knows the environment of man.

The incumbency of Christ is patient and fulfilling.

The incumbency of Christ has the records of man readily available.

The incumbency of Christ stands and sits.

The incumbency of Christ knows and rules on details verified before the face of man.

The incumbency of Christ directs and sends.

The incumbency of Christ masters and attends.

The incumbency of Christ upholds His edicts within the edifice of God,

                                           upholds the family of God,

                                           upholds the martyrs and the saints of God,

                                           upholds the right of man to appeal the decisions of man,

                                           upholds the thwarted right to life,

                                           upholds the righteous and the faithful where the law prevailed in conflict,

                                           upholds the will of God so such may not be frustrated by the ignorant will of man.

The incumbency of Christ sustains the truth-filled,

                                           sustains the humble,

                                           sustains the loving,

                                           sustains the promises attributed to faith,

                                           sustains His presence among His family,

                                           sustains the expanses of His Kingdoms,

                                           sustains the glory of The Father.

The incumbency of Christ is assisted by the family of God:

                                           is assisted by those who exercised their faith,

                                                            by those who exercised their truthfulness,

                                                            by those who exercised the fear of God,

                                                            by those who followed the two commandments within the time of discipleship,

                                                            by those who became The Bride,

                                                            by those who honoured the sacred among the secular,

                                                            by those who worshipped at the footstool of The Lord.

The incumbency of Christ is soon to complete that which remains outstanding:

                                                                           that which awaits the cleansing preparation;

                                                                           that which solidifies upon the rock the incumbency of Christ:

                                                                           that which completes the glory of The Son,

                                                                                        together with the glory of The Father,

                                                                                                    in the presence of The Holy Spirit.”


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