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The Property of God - Edict 17 (23.11.12)

“Edict Seventeen from The Heavens unto The Earth for the mortality of man

Man shall not throw his rubbish to the winds,

        shall not discard in layering his environment,

        shall not despoil The Kingdom of God on The Earth.

Man shall not consume and cast,

        shall not eat and exit only with the contents,

        shall not taste and throw,

        shall not purchase and produce,

        shall not let leftovers left to lie,

        shall not scatter seeds of behaviour to breed,

                                                                 to take root and to spread,

                                                                 to invade and to dominate:

                                                                                the scenes before the eyes of man;

                                                                                the scenes before the eyes of God.

Man shall not strew his clutter where he likes,

        shall not invite the testing of his health,

        shall not endanger lives by the rotting with disease.

Man shall not dump to non-draining drains,

        shall not resource ill-health,

        shall not pile and pass-on,

        shall not refuse to remove the refuse.

As man dwells without due care so he lives close to despair.

As man respects his environment so he becomes respected.

As man honours his environment so it is reflected in the blessings.

As man exhibits disrespect for the property of God so man earns disrespect from those who serve.”

As man encounters so should he improve.

As man bears so should he retain.

The God of man will expect man to exhibit wisdom when in his new surroundings.”


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