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The Washings of Mortality (24.2.14)

“The washing of the robes is that which My saints should practise:

                                                             in removing stains and blemishes through the blood of The Lamb.

          The washing of the body is that which leaves the exertions of the dusting day behind.

          The washing of the soul is that which cleanses what cannot be touched by man yet is reached by other means.

          The washing of the spirit occurs daily by My Spirit in the grooming of a temple.

The washings of mortality oversee the preparation of a spotless raiment upon a spotless bride.

The washings of mortality cleanse the gown of life;

                                           cleanse the body;

                                           cleanse the soul;

                                           cleanse the spirit:

                            in order righteousness and unity may co-exist together in the living temples of the living God.

The washings of mortality are familiar with the living water,

                                           have not need for soapsuds,

                                           have not need for scrubbing,

                                           have not need for drying in the wind.

The washings of mortality cause all to sparkle with a sheen,

                                                          to shine within the son’s light,

                                                          to gravitate to the light of honouring.

The washings of mortality are progressive unless presented with a backslide claimed as of very short duration,

                                           are indulgent with a goal where progress is barely hampered,

                                           are patient when a backslide is self limited by time.

The washings of mortality are viewable in changes made within the temple:

                                                             of its presentation in terms of dress,

                                                                                           in terms of speech,

                                                                                           in terms of the discarding of sin,

                                                                                           in terms of a changing presentation as a bride emerges.

The washings of mortality do not speak of the baptism of immersion,

                                           do not speak of that example,

                                           do not seek to intermingle these with the other.

The washings of mortality are as timed by My saints,

                                            are as timed by God,

                                            are as timed by need,

                                            are as timed within perception and commitment,

                                            are as timed in the readying of the bride.

The washing of the soul is crucial to My saints,

                                       has significance to all My saints in the setting of their goal to join the bride,

                                       risks being incomplete when the bride is called,

                                       risks being incomplete by the closing of mortality at the end of pre-numbered days.

The washing of the soul is at the fall of grace,

                                       is thorough and extensive in dealing with that for which assistance has been sought,

                                       is practical and responsive in the new found freedom.

The washing of the soul should not be overlooked,

                                       should not be forgotten,

                                       should not be treated as if it can wait until tomorrow.

The washing of the soul is an urgent matter which needs to be addressed without delay,

                                       sees the humble and the sincere relieved of burdens,

                                       witnesses changes in direction,

                                       notices changes in behaviour,

                                       introduces counsel to the spirit,

                                       experiences the gifts of My Spirit being led into action.

The washing of the soul progresses the cleansing of a temple within the will of God,

                                       progresses the preparation of the bride-in-waiting,

                                       progresses the finality of forever being in the presence of God.

The washing of the soul is laundry which needs to be completed,

                                       is laundry which needs to be repeated,

                                       is laundry which needs to be as such that the soul is polished and can shine,

                                                                                                   that the soul is freed and in unity with the spirit,

                                                                                                   that the soul is known to God and is pronounced as good,

                                                                                                   that the soul in all its glory has the distinction of joining the bride,

                                                                                                        accompanied by the spirit and the body within the gown of life.

The washing of the soul has no need of drying,

                                       has no need of being folded and pressed,

                                       has no call for being placed for storage in a chamber of the heart.

The washing of the soul is seen to completion by the wise;

                                       is seen as folly by the foolish;

                                       is ignored,

                                                in all its ramifications,

                                                                 by the ignorant of faith,

                                                                 by the ignorant of wisdom,

                                                                 by the ignorant who do not seek The God of man –

                                                                                 The God who awaits but an approach for eternal life.”


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