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Those with Freewill Choice (1.12.12)

“Blessed are those who have an entry in The Lamb’s Book of Life.

       Many are those who will claim shelter in The Kingdom when they know that it exists.

       Many are those who will leave it far too late:

                                                when faith has wilted,

                                                                 when grace has faded.

       Many are those who will discover their lack of policy has left them without cover.

       Many are those who will hurry when the time has past.

       Many are those who will attempt to evacuate in a queue when the storm of man has hit.

       Many are those who will realize they did not cast their die when the way was open;

                                 who cannot pass when the way is blocked;

                                 who only have access through the blackened back door to eternity’s default.

Blessed are those who survive the tribulation of man with their faith intact.

Blessed are those who operate with The Kingdom’s Keys all polished.

       Foolish are those who refuse in these days the invitation of God to select a destiny,

                                    who would try to obtain a retrospective pass,

                                    who place their faith in devil worship where salvation does not exist,

                                    who would cross swords with God,

                                    who deny faith in The Living God,

                                    who adopt the course of trusting evolution.

Blessed are those who act in faith with grace.

Blessed are those who have cleaned their slates.

       Wise are those who have their way assured within a covenant with God.

                                who oversee their families for safe keeping in the coming time of friction.

                                who have their trust placed upon the rock of revelation.

                                who know My Spirit leads them home.

                                who experience the love of The Living God.

                                who prepare to be The Bride of The Coming King.

Blessed are those who know and use My Spirit’s gifts in preparation.

Blessed are those who have new names inscribed on white stones.”


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