My Scrolls

Bk8. 'God Speaks of Loving His Creation' (74 Scrolls, 280 pages)

The Tin-lizzies of The Skies (23.4.16)

are the primitive airborne ships of the seas; are the people movers of the Earth, are the work horses of the travellers, are the spreaders of pollution, are the mixers of the germs and bugs and the end-time viruses of...

The Relationships Within My Garden (24.4.16)

are of love and tribute; are fully rounded and sincere, are of praise and worship, are exuberant and welcoming, are inquisitive and learning; are refreshing and restoring, are determining and linking, are ...

The Meeting of the Minds (4.5.16)

speaks of a time of savouring.; speaks of a discussion group in earnest, speaks of a mortal throwback, speaks of the intensity of follow-ups, speaks of a commitment to partake, speaks of the bombardment ...

The Songsters of God (4.5.16)

enliven the surrounds of God; bring the voice of man to dominance in the home of God, in the company of the loved and loving, in the presence of the multitudes attentive with both ears, in the accompaniment of ...

The Rewards of Faith (12.5.16)

can seem to be constantly postponed; are not immediately apparent, are not feasting in the exclusion of the hungry, are not waking up the neighbourhood, are not a song heard in the night; are sincere in their exist...

The Garden of God (2) 13.5.16)

The Garden of God is variable and beautifu; is divisible and active, is progressive and relaxing, is similar yet different, is wondrous and exhilarating, stretches across divides in reaching out to the spectacular; are des...

The Movement of the Soul (14.5.16)

is an unreliable bedfellow; wants to stray from the spirit, wants to follow a line of independence, wants to satisfy the desires of the flesh, wants to be answerable to no-one, wants to be the jockey on the horse, ...

The Coming of the Tulips (15.5.16)

have a season in their sights; have colour in their midst, have a time span for a vase; have viral attacks which spoil the dressings of the uniforms, which mess-up and confuse that which was intended; aggregate the ...

I, The Lord Jesus (3) (15.5.16)

would speak this day to all who would dwell within My garden; would encourage all to learn and understand the pre-requisites of entry, the pre-requisites of citizenship, the pre-requisites of adoption by The Father, ...

My Sheep within the Saleyards (16.5.16)

break the heart of God; dismay the heart of God, embed the heart of God, direct the heart of God; include the lambs of blessing, include the hoggets with their outlooks on life, include the sheep of substance with ...

The Settlers within My Garden (16.5.16)

are from another time and space; are external to the time sphere of man, are beyond the beck and call of man, are not within the knowledge base of man, are mentioned in My word◊ in passing— which were not ...

The Apocrypha of Man (17.5.16)

are widespread and carry stories; are not worth the summing up, are not worth the fall of favour, are not worth the reading time of man; illustrate the many roads to Hell, the many roads of falsity and misbelief, ...


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