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The Days of Embitterment and Accord (3.3.16)

“The days of embitterment filled with dissatisfaction are about to come as thunderstorms within the sky,

                                                                                      are about to overshadow those who will succumb,

                                                                                      are about to spread discontent leading into violence,

                                                                                      are about to bear the hidden self into the sunlight –

                                                                                                                       as each is met with a coming dawn,

                                                                                      are about to bear the pain of suffering into the hearts of innocence,

                                                                                      are about to bear the jewels of Satan into the refiner’s fire.

The days of embitterment rest upon the mountains at home with man,

                                          rest upon the snow tops to career down the slopes of snow,

                                                                                 to career down the ice formations,

                                                                                 to career down among the avalanches which sweep all before to darkness.

The days of embitterment are soaked in self-pity,

                                          are registered with like for like,

                                          are gathered in the multitudes who are registered as disaffected souls –

                                                                                    which have squashed their spirits –

                                                                                    which have squandered their opportunities of success –

                                                                                    which have rejected –

                                                                                    which did not see –

                                                                                    which did not hear:

                                                               that which has been placed before them at the thresholds of their dwellings.

The days of embitterment broach the boundaries of the fields of righteousness:

                                                                         attempt to conquer and to disperse,

                                                                         attempt to fell and to trample,

                                                                         attempt to hack and to hew so to cause to fall,

                                                                         attempt to search for dissatisfaction,

                                                                                                     for dismay,

                                                                                                     for the distraught –

                                                          among the fallen and the suffering where thanksgiving is not heard,

                                                                                                 where both praise and worship is strangled in the throats:

                                                                                                                           of those who should know better.

The days of embitterment will come to an end;

                              are as the fire feeding on the wood,

                                                                       the hay,

                                                                       the straw:

                                                                                which fail to pass the reason for the mustering,

                                                                                which fail to find a contrite heart,

                                                                                which fail to exhibit either a call for mercy or for grace.

The days of embitterment exhaust the fuel of Satan,

                                          exhaust the things of Satan,

                                          exhaust the academies of Satan held responsible for the spreading of the lies.

The days of embitterment peter out,

                                          fade away,

                                                as their will is spent to languish by the roadsides travelled in despair.

The days of embitterment have their mountains demolished,

                                          have their havens melt,

                                                     as the winter passes into the dawning of a spring;

                                                           where summer will no longer look down on the tragic plight of others,

                                                                                           no longer to experience the numbers to enforce an evil will,

                                                                                           no longer to be forced to open a door so locked in fear.

The days of embitterment lead into the days of accord:

                                                      where raised voices are no longer heard,

                                                      where raised fists are no longer seen in streets,

                                                                                                                 in pounding on the doors,

                                                                                                                 in the grabbing hold of children,

                                                                                                                 in the flinging out from the havens thought to be secure.

The days of accord are days of reconciliation,

                                              of forgiveness,

                                              of assimilation,

                                              of harmony without the trials,

                                                                  without the subjugations,

                                                                  without the threats of death,

                                                                  without the shows of hatred arising from the souls of man.

The days of accord see the clearing of the landscapes;

                                      the cleansing of the cityscapes;

                                      the redressing of the seascapes:

                   the repairing of the damage so witnessed within the turmoil of embitterment.

The days of accord speak of changes in reaction,

                                          of changes in the positioning of threats,

                                          of changes in the casting of the challenges,

                                          of changes from the violent modes of behaviour.

The days of accord re-establish righteousness with peace;

                                re-establish love and care,

                                re-establish consideration for the helpless and infirm,

                                re-establish the calls of God upon the willing and committed.

The days of accord testify that the worst is over,

                                           that a reign is near,

                                           that a kingdom vibrates in readiness for its king,

                                           that a people of purity await the bridal gathering,

                                           that Satan’s freedom days are numbered,

                                           that the flowering of the Earth is ready to proceed,

                                           that Grace still lingers only to recede.

The days of accord render unto Caesar and render unto God,

                                acknowledge both within their varied habitations,

                                search for both in line with inclinations,

                                greet each according to the fear so held.

The days of accord witness the wonders of recovery,

                                             the miracles of healing,

                                             the signposting of the way to an eventual home:

                                                                                             prepared and waiting –

                                                                                                     for the occupants both eager and expectant.

The days of accord see the closing of the door of preparation,

                                      the raising of the veil of eternity,

                                hear the trumpet blast of angels that reverberates around the Earth.

The days of accord are to welcome the second coming of The Lord on the clouds of conquest.

The days of accord are a time of the refreshing of the Earth –

                                                    as it is prepared to welcome The Coming King foretold.”


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