My Scrolls

The Record of The Spirit

“Mighty are the ways of the living creatures.

The Spirit records the works of Lucifer.

The Spirit records the actions of the demons,

                 records all deeds of sin,

                 records all thoughts of sin,

                 records all knowledge of sin.

Disobedience to God is recorded by the Spirit,

                                   is recorded in the Spirit,

                                              for the Spirit.

The Spirit shall so testify if called.

The testimony of the Spirit is given in full,

                                            may not be stopped once started,

The testimony of the Spirit is truth,

                                            is impartial,

                                            is believed.

The Record of the Spirit includes the spirit of man,

                                        condemns Lucifer.

The Record of the Spirit contains the activities of the soul of man:

                                               the deeds,

                                               the thoughts,

                                               the motives that bore upon the freewill.

        The reasoning of the freewill,

         the attacks on the freewill,

         the support of the freewill:

                             all are known and kept within the Record of the Spirit.

The Record of the Spirit kept within man's lifetime of the flesh will not prevail. 

The Record of the flesh of man will die when the Temple of the Spirit is raised up,

                                               will die with the death of man's spirit.

The Record of the Spirit may continue in the Temple of the Spirit.

        Prepare now for the Temple of the Spirit,

                             for the presence of the Spirit,

                             for the indwelling of the Spirit.

        Walk not in the ways of the flesh;

               for the ways of the flesh do not uplift the freewill,

                                               do not uplift the spirit,

                                               do not uplift the condition of man.



                    in the ways of the Spirit each day;

                            for therein lies the conquest of the soul,

                                             the extension of the freewill,

                                             the walk with God.

God spoke to His people by the voice of the prophet,

                                         by the writings of the prophet,

                                         by the teachings of the prophet.

God spoke to His people that they may not be lost,

                                         that they may be prepared,

                                         that they may rejoice in the knowledge of His love.”


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