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The Immersion of The Faithful (20.4.10)

“The immersion of the faithful is not readily understood. 

The immersion of the faithful is often treated as of little consequence, 

                                                                              of little urgency, 

                                                                              of little importance - 

                                                                                           within a walk of fellowship. 

The immersion of the faithful always achieves its purpose, 

                                                 always is remembered, 

                                                 always clears the decks of sin.

The immersion of the faithful washes all the decks, 

                                                          clears each of contamination, 

                                                          does not flinch when meeting opposition. 

The immersion of the faithful cleans out the bilges of a vessel, 

                                                          makes it fit to sail, 

                                                          removes the barnacles and hangers-on that dwell below the water-line.

The immersion of the faithful releases the captain from the irons of confinement, 

                                                          hands him the keys to a new vessel, 

                                                          lays the plans for the journey by the compass on the bridge.

The compass of direction always points to what is true, 

                                          always offers guidance to a destination, 

                                          always knows the passage that is safe, 

                                          always avoids the wrecking rocks, 

                                          always warns of the sandbars of entrapment, 

                                          always rises over the waves of subjugation.

The compass of direction is a friend of the vessel which will see it safely home, 

                                          knows the port of destination, 

                                          avoids the pirates of temptation.

A vessel with a clean bill of health, 

                       a captain who is free, 

                       a compass that is consulted, 

                                   has as an anchor chain a three-fold plaited rope that will withstand and hold against the storms of life.

That vessel has a galley now loaded with tubs and casks - 

                                                            the fare of remembrance instated at the dunking of the vessel.”



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