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The Banner of The Protocols (3.9.08)

“It is My desire that the Banner of the Kingdom should not fly at night during the hours of darkness.

Nor should it fly on a seventh day,

      for the Seventh Day is the consecrated day of rest.

Only upon My return shall the Banner of the Kingdom fly continuously denoting the end of the age of My Grace and ushering in the Time of Justice as the seat of Judgement is established throughout all the realms of the earth.


      until this time,

           the Banner of the Kingdom,

           the Sign of the Kingdom may be flown at the will of man and at the will of My servants as they are moved by the Holy Spirit in wisdom and understanding.

Great are the ramifications for man,

Great are the portents for man;

Great are the instructions in heaven:

                            When the eyes of man behold the Sign of the Kingdom;

                            When the minds of man encounter the Standard of The Kingdom;

                            When the flesh of man turns away from the Blood of The Lamb without appeal.

For then the tears of man will avail them little as the wrath of The Father mounts in the heavens and the Time of Judgement is established on the earth.

At that time,

      there will not be a cave on the earth in which shelter is not sought from the seat of My judgement.

All the earth who shed tears of distress,

                                     tears of woe,

                                     tears of dismay

      will be brought before Me with tear-stained faces dried with the dust of the earth.

Woe to any servant whose face carries the dust of the earth;

      for the dust of the earth will condemn all who wear it;

           the dust of the earth will mark the downfall of man;

           the dust of the earth will be put under My footstool,

           the dust of the earth will not be lifted up.

The demands of justice as decreed by The Father will be upheld by The Son.

      And the tears of man will wet the earth in recompense for the tears of The Son.

      And the tears of man will justify the absence of names from the Lamb’s Book of Life.

      And the tears of man will mark the end of the age of Grace.

The works of man shall be examined,

                              shall be tested by fire,

                              shall be aligned with the intent of the heart.

           For the intent of the heart will not be hidden,

                  the intent of the heart is recorded;

                  the intent of each heart will determine the judgement of The Lord at the seat of justice.

The cry for mercy will only be heard by The Father.

The decree of The Father who measures the works and the intent of the heart determines a call for mercy only when there is no call for justice.

The absence of a call for justice bestows a measure of grace.

Upheld sustained calls for justice will bring retribution so all who call are satisfied.

      Calls for justice will be heard.

      Calls for justice will be answered.

      Calls for justice will be resolved according to the record.”


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