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The Website of The Lord (Eternity) (12.6.10)

“The website of eternity speaks of love as if water in a well without a bottom  - 

                                                        love so great its depths cannot be plumbed, 

                                                        love so extensive it stretches to encompass all upon the earth, 

                                                        love so uncompromising it would belittle none, 

                                                                                            would embrace the derelict, 

                                                                                            would console the desolate, 

                                                                                            would not define the destitute.

The website of eternity speaks of love within a life timed for sacrifice, 

                                                              within a life timed to be laid down, 

                                                              within a life timed for the honouring of prophecy.

The website of eternity speaks of love lifting only in an upward spiral, 

                                                              lifting only to increase standing, 

                                                              lifting only to the environment of God.

The website of eternity exists at the will of God, 

                                                for the will of God, 

                                                by the will of God, 

                                                in the will of God, 

                                                so the will of God may be known to man.

The website of eternity does not deceive, 

                                      does not disown, 

                                      does not discount victims of the foe of man.

The website of eternity extends the welcome of an opened door, 

                                                                        of a light lit upon a lintel, 

                                                                        of a father searching in the darkness for his child in grace.

Oh that man could measure the exuberance in heaven, 

                                             the greeting of the news, 

                                             the tapping on the shoulders, 

                                 with the declaration of each recovered soul t’was lost but now is found.

Oh that man could gauge the significance of each soul, 

                                         the effort expended on recovery, 

                                         the enormous volume appended to the call - 

                                         the call which reverberates around the earth, 

                                                          yet falls on deafened ears.

Oh that man could pause to listen, 

                                         in the moments of his stillness, 

                             to the voice within his spirit which cries out for the notice of his soul.

Oh that man could hear the metronome of his time beats which counts down his residue of time - 

                                                                                                                                           to stop he knows not when.

Oh that man could be prepared, 

                     could be made ready, 

                           for when the horror of the answers to the questions, 

                                                                                   he did not ask when under grace, 

                                                                                                   will so assail his soul.”


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