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The Mystery of Life (29.10.08)

"The mystery of life should not be sought by man.

The mystery of life is a secret of God.

The mystery of life is not open to discovery by man.

The discovery of man is counselled by The Spirit upon a new name being written in the Book of Life.

The inquisitiveness of man’s spirit;

      his quest for knowledge by his effort;

           man’s effort of discovery via precept upon precept:

                 all bespeak of a design far grander than any so attributed to the mind of man.

       The grandness of the design of man,

                                                     by wisdom,

                                                              should preclude the meddling of man.

Man should not meddle in designs of grandeur he does not fully comprehend.

       For designs of grandeur,

                              that innately secure the secrets of God from discovery by man,

                                                         will never yield such secrets to the probings of man’s soul.

The meddling of man into chains with cuts and splices will bring disaster in its wake:

                                       whether of man,

                                       or of those that also walk and jump and creep and crawl and swim and fly –

                                                                        even of all living things that procreate and have their generations counted.

       For man cannot foresee the admixture of degrees of stability and change required –

                              to preserve the functioning of each species through all the generations so ordained.

       For man does not know when to stop –

              man cannot prevent rebellion within his ranks –

              man cannot enforce cessation into the soul of man.

It is before the perversity of man’s soul that the charge is laid:

                                         of man’s lack of reverence for the mystery of life.

       The slaughter of the innocent cannot abound –

        the slaughter of the innocent should not be tolerated –

        the slaughter of the innocent could not exist –

                                         in the presence of due reverence for the mystery of life.

The lack of due reverence for the mystery of life supports the indictment of man –

                                                                                                    in his application of his agency –

                                                                                                        the exertion of his freewill –

                                                                                      the diadem of his creation bequeathed by God to man.”


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