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The Offer of My Grace (25.6.10)


     The Lord, 

              speak to the peoples of all nations: 

                        to the peoples who speak with differing tongues; 

                        to the peoples who hate their neighbours; 

                        to the peoples who will not share their tables with travellers from across a boundary, 

                                                                                                    from across a river, 

                                                                                                    from across a mountain; 

                        to the peoples who carry weapons hidden from all except the eyes of God; 

                        to the peoples who wish ill upon, 

                                                who will not befriend, 

                                                who wear a scowl upon their brows, 

                                                who would turn their backs to walk, 

                                                who would spit upon the earth in the presence of one due for honour, 

                                                who have hearts which bury knives into their neighbours’ backs, 

                                                who offer a handclasp of deception below lips which draw a mirthless smile; 

                        to the peoples of the earth who are in clandestine armies which carry no honour to the battlefield; 

                                               those are they who are advised to turn, 

                                                                                                 to take a new direction, 

                                                                                                 to seek a different goal, 

                                                                                                 to accept a handclasp that lifts all up from their knees.


     The Lord, 

              speak to the peoples of the earth who are in need of grace, 

                                                                   who need to forego vengeance, 

                                                                   who need to forget a grudge, 

                                                                   who need to cleanse the wrongs of yesterday which still pollute today, 

                                                                   who need to change the colour of their heart, 

                                                                   who need to recognize the invasion of disaster which has beset their lives.


      The Lord, 

              speak this day to every individual who hides within the false security of the peoples of all nations, 

                               for every heart is known with its blackness of intent - 

                                   such hearts cannot blame their colour on contamination from another - 

                                                                                                on a disease that has been caught, 

                                                      cannot blame others for their own actions of freewill, 

                                                                                       for their choice in life which first led to the downward spiral which produced
                                                                                                                                                                                       a subdued spirit, 

                                                                                                                                                            a deceitful soul, 

                                                                                                                              a body which now bows to the bidding of such soul. 

                 Man is then truly captured by the evil kingdom, 

                                                            by the evil overlord, 

                                                            by the evil beings which pester, 

                                                                                          which plague, 

                                                                                          which tie in knots, 

                                                                                          which encourage lies - 

                                                                                                  lust - 

                                                                                                  idolatry - 

                                                                                                  dishonesty - 

                                                                                                  gluttony - 

                                                                                                  pornography - 

                                                                                                  substances to trap the body, 

                                   which bind the agency of man - 

                                                      the compromised freewill of man no longer free - 

                                                      the prize of a captured soul held high in triumph on the battlefield of life - 

                                                      the prize held high in victory by the evil foe of man - 

                                                      the prize of a black heart established - 

                       the pulling-down of a character within a soul which prevents a journey home, 

                                                                                                which brings a lockdown of the soul in the cell block of eternity
                                                                                                                                       where there is no courtyard for a walk.


      The Lord, 

              speak this day and know: 

                       these are they in need of My grace, 

                                                                         the redemption of My love, 

                                                                         the sanctifying of My sacrifice, 

                                                                My offer of reconciliation of man with God, 

                                                                My offer to the repentant, 

                                                                               to those who desire to change, 

                                                                               to those who want a new beginning with freedom from their pasts.


      The Lord, 

              freely offer to all who would accept My grace, 

                                 to all who would grow in faith, 

                                 to all who would commit, 

                                 to all who would know My Spirit, 

                                 to all who would seek and knock, 

                                 to all who would ask in earnestness, 

                                 to all to whom My Spirit calls, 

                                 to all who would forsake their history embedded in their past, 

                                 to all who want to shed the filth of yesterday, 

                                                                               to cleanse - 

                                                                               to refresh the soul - 

                                                                               to uplift the spirit, 

                                                                               to have a new companion, 

                                                           to reach out for a destiny of grandeur, 

                                                           to be grateful for the onward counsel, 

                                                           to receive the gifts of God, 

                                                           to dwell under the mantle of a new covenant carrying the promise of eternal life: 

                                 such as they are welcomed with great joy into the shepherd’s flock.”


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