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The Wonderment of Eternity (8.10.13)

“The wonderment of eternity is a joy unto itself,

                                                is a feast for the eyes,

                                                is a symphony for the ears,

                                                is a dwelling place fit for the stars of God.

The wonderment of eternity displays the works of God in their entirety:

                                                                                         in their presentation of uniqueness,

                                                                                         in their designs of grandeur,

                                                                                         in their use of the full colour spectrum,

                                                                                         in their originality of expression,

                                                                                         in their ability to communicate,

                                                                                         in their decorations of surroundings,

                                                                                         in their sites of majesty.

The wonderment of eternity is the experience in store for the family of God:

                                                                                          of those who testified of The Son,

                                                                                          of those who hosted The Holy Spirit,

                                                                                          of those who greeted The Father in a prayer.

The wonderment of eternity builds on the eternal word to the family of God:

                                                                            to those present with a thirst for knowledge,

                                                                            to those present with a yearning for wisdom,

                                                                            to those present with a desire for activity under the tutelage of the angels.

The wonderment of eternity stretches far and wide,

                                              stretches deep and high,

                                              stretches in and without.

The wonderment of eternity possesses dimensions for new senses,

                                                              dimensions holding the history of man,

                                                              dimensions displaying the vistas of God.

The wonderment of eternity fills the imagination of man with new concepts and appraisals,

                                                                           with new structures and constructs,

                                                                           with new images and dispositions.

The wonderment of eternity fulfils the promises made to man,

                                              fulfils the curiosity of man,

                                              fulfils the wanderlust of man.

The wonderment of eternity upholds security of tenure,

                                              upholds antiquity within the present,

                                              upholds the disclosure of the pathways for the stars.

The wonderment of eternity encompasses the activities of God,

                                              encompasses the creation by God,

                                              encompasses the love of God.

The wonderment of eternity is there for all mankind to claim as an individual inheritance:

                                                                            to claim within discipleship,

                                                                            to claim that built upon a sacrificial cross,

                                                                            to claim in a commitment to repentance,

                                                                            to claim via the redemptive reconciliation of man,

                                                                            to claim by shedding the entanglement of sin,

                                                                            to claim through understanding of the grace of God.”


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