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The Arms of Adoration (7.6.10)

“The arms of adoration reach out and enfold: 

                                                            take a new child to the bosom, 

                                                            take a new child from the birth pangs, 

                                                            take a new child into a family, 

                                                            take a new child with a promise, 

                                                            take a new child of discovery, 

                                                            take a new child on a journey. 

The arms of adoration reach out with the offer of a refuge, 

                                                            the offer of the kindling of kinship, 

                                                            the offer of guidance with direction, 

                                                            the offer of companionship when needed, 

                                                            the offer of acceptance within a nest of love, 

                                                            the offer to sustain the trust so placed. 

The arms of adoration are supported by the surrounding feast of smiles driven by the grinnings of delight.

The arms of adoration speak of the experience of motherhood, 

                                                   the experience of fatherhood, 

                                                   the experience of a sibling round a cradle anxious for a turn. 

The arms of adoration examine with great care, 

                                    treat with great respect, 

                                    know the honour of the hour. 

The arms of adoration are never far in time, 

                                    are attentive to a call, 

                                    quickly learn what is required. 

The arms of adoration provide sustenance to each child, 

                                    watch growth with interest of continuance, 

                                    check for the welfare of each soul, 

                                                    the counselling of each spirit. 

The arms of adoration neither drop nor abandon, 

                                    neither beat nor cause a body harm. 

The arms of adoration are stable at the infancy, 

                                    are stable at the youth-tide, 

                                    are stable at maturity. 

The arms of adoration carry the gift of teaching, 

                                    carry the gift of training, 

                                    carry the gift of joy - 

                                                                with love - 

                                                                with blessings within a home. 

The arms of adoration receive the gift of blessings of proximity, 

                                                 the gift of blessings from far afield, 

                                                 the gift of blessings which lead both to a leaving, 

                                                                                                            to a return to home.”


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