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The Chains of Choice (20.12.08)

“The chains of choice affect the disempowered.

The chains of choice are used unwittingly by some.

The chains of choice provide a service to the wealthy.

The chains of choice do not service the needy.

The chains of choice have links that form the marketplace of man.

The chains of choice do not purchase the labour of the poor,

                                                             the produce of the poor,

                                                                             without an eye upon excessive gain.


Excessive gain does not denote fairness of approach.

Excessive gain incriminates the wealthy.

Excessive gain speaks volumes of the heart.

Excessive gain is a reason for arraignment.

Excessive gain is the ploy of the cartels sheltering within the marketplace.

Excessive gain is watched by God,

                         is frowned on by God,

                         carries a warning of God.


A warning of God is for the benefit of man.

A warning of God should be heeded promptly.

A warning of God will be followed up.


Unheeded warnings of God can be counted as infringements of intent.

Infringements of intent have repercussions on anticipated rewards,

                                                                     on gifts that were reserved,

                                                                     on the spectre of despair.

Infringements of intent need immediate repentance and offers of reparation.

      Offers of reparation should be easily accepted.

      Offers of reparation not easily accepted fail as insincere.

      Offers of reparation,

                      reparation made,

                              excessive gain removed,

                                    amend the records previously as written in the library of man.


An amended record in the library of man counts as repentance before God.

An amended record is evidence that cannot be discerned.

An amended record cannot be accessed.

An amended record acts as a reprieve.


The chains of choice do not bind the wealthy.

The chains of choice bind the struggling with lost opportunities of advancement.

The chains of choice cannot justify their stance by selective examples that are few in number.

The chains of choice will thrive when they can stand and deliver with a conscience that is clear.

The chains of choice can move within the confines of God when they so choose.

The chains of choice can bring hope to those who struggle in their daily needs,

                                                               those who would advance their lives through the hope that is within,

                                                               those who cry out for assistance that is currently withheld.”



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