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The Days of Leanness (20.1.12)

“The days of feasting are about to end on the earth.

The days of feasting have fed the gluttony of man,

                                                the greed of man,

                                                the waste of man.

The days of feasting have not been shared with those dwelling under deprivation,

                                                                                     under need,

                                                                                     under the conflict of the nations.

The days of feasting will call to accountability all those seated at the table as a cartel of acrimony:

                                                                           all those who used a veto to frustrate the rest,

                                                                           all those who refused consent to share,

                                                                           all those who put their grossness of self-interest above the leanness of their
                                                                                                                       fellow man.

The days of feasting decline into the days of leanness.

The days of leanness are about to bring hoarding to the fore,

                                                   to bring escalating prices,

                                                   to bring exceeding wealth to the poor in the absence of corruption.

The days of leanness are for the benefit of the sleeping nations,

                                                                          those awaiting their time within the sunshine,

                                                                          those who shall not be further plundered for the gain of the selfish few.

The days of leanness bring water to the arid lands,

                                   bring water to the frozen lands,

                                   bring water in abundance so these lands may bloom in the flowering of their season.

The days of leanness see a change in the trade winds of the earth,

                                   see a change in the herbage of the earth,

                                   see a change in the seas of the earth.

The days of leanness see shrinkage from the lapping of the seas,

                                   see feeding patterns change across the earth,

                                   see disasters aplenty in the domiciles of man,

                                   see the onslaught of the storming of the earth.

The righteousness of God will prevail upon the earth in the face of man.”


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