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The Justness of God (27.7.10)

“The justness of God is beyond the questioning of man.

The justness of God is beyond the assessment of man, 

                                  is beyond man’s ability to see the truth within a heart, 

                                  is beyond the reproach of knaves who know the waywardness of man.

The justness of God is beyond the appeal of man which is not based on mercy, 

                                     beyond a reversal of decision because of new facts to the fore, 

                                     beyond any inaccuracy of assessment by the bench of The Lord.

The justness of God is absolute and stands.

The justness of God is all-knowing in the light of truth.

The justness of God knows all about to be uttered, 

                                 knows all about to be withheld, 

                                 knows all about to form the basis of a lie.



               are they, 

                     who would try to tender a lie before the bench of The Lord.

The bench of The Lord resolves matters of eternity, 

                                                    letters of indictment stemming from mortality, 

                                                    letters of conviction, 

                                                               of injury, 

                                                               of wrongful death, 

                                                    the letters stemming from man’s wrestling with his eternal soul, 

                                                    the letters arising from his actions of freewill, 

                                                                                        of coercion, 

                                                                                        of intimidation, 

                                                                                                             of all the iniquities of man which have never been erased.

The God of love will not treat man unjustly, 

                            will not treat man leniently, 

                 as man comes before the bench of The Lord: 

                           to answer all that is laid open for inspection, 

                                    as understanding moves from darkness into light.

The God of love is not subservient, 

                           has no need to question the status of ‘what is’, 

                           has always been supreme in the environment wherein He dwells.

Foolish are they who would malign The God of love, 

                           who use profanity in His presence, 

                           who would shout obscenities in neighbourhoods where angels just shake their heads.

Such as they would be well advised to turn from their vocality of habit, 

                                                          to curb their tongue of shame, 

                                                          to control what passes through their lips: 

                                                 all of which creates the record as they speak.”


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