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The Procrastination of Man (26.6.10)

“The procrastination of man is as an abscess in the flesh,

                                              does not go away unchecked,

                                              lingers in the background for delayed attention,

                                              pops up with each day granted,

                                              lies down still unabated.

The procrastination of man is as a whirlwind of frustration,

                                                as a dog’s chasing of its tail,

                                                as putting a needle to a patch on rotten cloth.

The procrastination of man indicates the infection,

                                                            the catching,

                                                            the incubating,

                                                            the presence,

                                                    of the disease of Satan.

The devil’s weapon of disease which spreads,

                                                  which prevents,

                                                  which stymies,

                                                  which frustrates,

                                the erstwhile intention of man to secure,

                                       in a timely fashion,

                                             a destiny of informed desire -

                                                     to thereby delete the destiny that prowls the sidelines of default.

The procrastination of man steals his future being,

                                                              imposes the default,

                                                                     when delayed beyond the grave call.

The procrastination of man should not assume tomorrow.

Man should attend to this day’s decisions for his future while it is today.

Man’s hourglass dwindles by the hour,

                            cannot be recharged,

                            has a decision time made known,

                            cannot retreat from when the heart does stop.

The fools of man procrastinate until their bodies start to stiffen in their grave clothes.

The angels present wear expressions of dismay at what has been foregone.

The procrastination of man has no claim upon an intended insurance policy,

                                            has no claim upon what is not established,

                                                              what is not espoused,

                                                              what is not confessed for the covering of a promise,

                                                                                                              for the accepting of offered grace whilst valid,

                                                                                                              for the turning from a turbid way of life.

The procrastination of man carries a fearful penalty in its shadow -

                         which will take man step by step down a pathway that leads not to oblivion but to a frightening gate -

                                               beyond which his dragging feet will know the eternity of hell.”


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