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The Wisdom of God (5.6.10)

“The wisdom of God is dependant on the receptivity of he who seeks,

                                                                         of his soul,

                                                                         of his spirit,

                                                                         of his earnestness for acquisition.

The enrolled,

       in the school of wisdom,

            is never expelled,

            is never ignored,

            is never considered a lost cause.

The enrolled has a teacher who loves each student of the scholarship,

                                                            each student of the promise,

                                                            each student of the covenant.

The enrolled has a teacher who loves each subject of the course,

                                                            each progressive appraisal of the application as was sought,

                                                            each fondness of expression from a grateful heart.

The wisdom of God cannot be taught to man in a term of semesters,

                                                                    in a lifetime of assimilation,

                                                                    in the immensity of the limitations thereby imposed.

The wisdom of God is initiated as lessons in the mortality of man,

                                 is sustained across divides,

                                 is a feature of eternity.

The wisdom of God can paralyse the tongues of those with ears who hear,

                                 can end a discussion with but a single sentence,

                                 can bring unity of purpose with a thought whose time has come.

The wisdom of God brings The Spirit to the fore,

                                 brings truth before a meeting,

                                 brings wisdom to requested counsel.

The wisdom of God brings responsibility for actions,

                                            extensions to a character,

                                            expansion to the soul.

The wisdom of God increases the sources of knowledge to encompass the divine,

                                 applies the tongue in brevity,

                                 restrains the expressions on the face,

                                 adjusts the body language of the soul.

The wisdom of God brings puzzlement to faces of surprise,

                                 has no cause to interrupt,

                                 speaks into a silence,

                                 has no need to raise a voice,

                                 has simplicity of expression.

The wisdom of God has no peer upon the earth.

The wisdom of God can silence the lords of justice within the courts of man.

The wisdom of God can disclose the lying heart of man.

The wisdom of God can never be refuted where righteousness prevails.”


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