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The Body of Man 2 - A House (17.12.08)

“The body of man is prepared as if a temple,

                              is intended to be a temple,

                              is a temple when in-dwelt by My Spirit.

The body of man stands in honour as the temple of The Spirit,

                             stands in shame at the abuse of the enemy of man,

                             should not be required to suffer shame.

The body of man cannot withstand the onslaught of the enemy of man,
                                        withstand onslaughts with permission,

                                                         onslaughts of connivance,

                                                         onslaughts of premeditation,
                                                         onslaughts bred through compliance.

The body of man cannot combat repeated abuses of the halls of access,

                                        handle the duress of contamination within the halls of access,

                                        cannot prevent the transference of control that opens the halls of access.

           The halls of access open to rooms that are all occupied,

                                                   to rooms that function according to the plumbing,

                                                   to rooms that recognize the handshakes offered by the rooms.

           The halls of access are emptied and cleaned,
                                          lead to all the rooms.

           A room that refuses a handshake causes trouble in the halls,

                                                                           trouble for the room refused,

                                                                           trouble for the housekeeper.

The housekeeper quarantines the occupant of the offending room,

                            sends a team of friends to attend the occupant.

The housekeeper is most distraught when encountering an occupant who still refuses to shake hands,

                                                                                                              who shakes hands weakly,

                                                                                                              who lets his grasp slip to the floor.

The housekeeper partly closes the door to such a room.

An occupant who is recalcitrant vexes the resources of the housekeeper,

                     who is sleeping does not vie for the attention of the housekeeper,

                     who is sick can cause a life event of contamination.

An occupant of uniqueness cannot have the room’s door closed,

                                             cannot have the plumbing blocked,

                                             cannot prevent the attention of the housekeeper.

The occupants of the rooms are at home throughout the house,
                                             chatter constantly,

                                             discuss their levels of activity,

                                             talk of workloads that come and go.

The occupants of the rooms can each call for attention,

                                              can pretend to go to sleep,

                                              can exercise in a frenzy.

The occupants of the rooms grow and develop,

                                              are strong and virile,

                                              age and weaken.

The occupants of the rooms become tired and ask for little sustenance,

                                                                          offer little sustenance,

                                                                          produce little sustenance.

The housekeeper watches very carefully the sustenance available,

                                                                 the sustenance accepted,

                                                                 the sustenance rejected.

           The halls of access have defences along their corridors.

           The halls of access have defences that are continually surveyed,

                                                                  that are continually inspected,

                                                                  that are continually maintained.

The housekeeper is responsible for the level of security,

                                                         the maintenance of security,

                                                         the breaches of security.

           The breaches of security are serious and real.

                                                   may be minor or massive.

                                                   may be physical or spiritual.

           The breaches of security ring alarms,

                                                   are reported,

                                                   call support.

           The breaches of security scares the housekeeper,

                                                   prepares for attack,

                                                   brings support to the fore.

           The breaches of security may be of short or long duration,
                                                   may lead to the establishment of a foreign colony of a single warlord.

           The breaches of security grow worse when not repaired—

                                                                       when not foiled—

                                                                       when not rebutted—

                                                                                       on the first alarm.

The author of the house does not attack the house,

                                        has a different agenda,

                                        desires to convert houses into temples.

           The enemy of man failed to become a co-author.

           The enemy of man inflicts his enmity on the house of man,

                                                                             the shell of man,

                                                                             the glove of man,

                                                                             the habitation of man,

                                                                             the body of man,

                                                                             the temple of man.

           The enemy of man has forces that can breach the security of the house,

                                                           that can rampage down the halls of access,

                                                           that can lay waste the rooms of residence.

           The enemy of man must be kept outside the house,

                                          must be promptly evicted when found at home,

                                          must not be tolerated while in the process of destruction.

           The enemy of man is too dangerous to invite in as a guest,

                                                                      to concur with in agreement,

                                                                      to ignore when in the guise of innocence.

           The enemy of man desires to destroy the temple prior to rebirth,

                                                       to destroy the house before conversion,

                                                       to capture the soul while still vulnerable.

           The enemy of man is correctly so called,

                                          is serious and determined,

                                          attacks with ferocity and vengeance,

                                          never rests nor sleeps.

           The enemy of man selects the weakest point,

                                           delays attention,

                                           uses stealth.

           The enemy of man is the master of procrastination,

                                          is Satan in his guises,

                                          is the prince of darkness,

                                          is Beelzebub,

                                          is the fallen angel,

                                          is the inquisitor of the heavens,

                                          is the current ruler of the earth.



                                 are those who are likely to condone;

                                                 who deny his existence;

                                                 who believe the lies of centuries;

                                                 who don’t defend themselves;

                                                 who fail to take up the weapons of defence;

                                                 who don’t cry out for assistance:

                                                                        to the allies of man,

                                                                        to the friends of man,

                                                                        to the readers of the Book,

                                                                        to the author of the house,

                                                                        to the author of the temple,

                                                                        to the author of the Book:

                                                                                        the book that has as author the Name above all Names.”


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